Monday, June 28, 2010

Our 2nd Anniversary

On Saturday, me and my love celebrated our 2nd Anniversary.

Chad's mom is super thoughtful and remembers everything.  And she's a card person- which makes me really happy because I AM a card person!!  She picks really sweet cards with just the right words.  So right on time, we got her card wishing us a Happy Anniversary.  She had a hand written note in their saying something about our first Anniversary and it made me us laugh.  Chad called to tease her (because really it's our second anniversary) and she just started laughing.  Once she stopped giggling, she told Chad that they have even discussed it beforehand and decided that it was indeed our first.

But let's be honest, it's been a whirlwind in our house for the past couple years.  On June 26, 2008, we tied the knot (on my parent's 26th Anniversary).  Then last summer we had a baby.  I guess that makes this summer kind of boring!

SO anyway, back to our anniversary. Chad and I LOVE roller coasters, like really really love them.  So we decided we would go to Six Flags for the day, without kids, to celebrate.  We braved the heat and got there early.  It was a lot of fun because we rode every roller coaster before noon.  As soon as we got off one, we'd walk really fast to the next-- and the people just hadn't arrived yet, so we never waited more the 5-10 minutes-- even though we rode in the front of the cart each time.  Some of them we even rode twice, back to back-- we got off the front of the cart, and walked to the back of the cart and climbed back on.

But then something happened... after the back to back rides pulled back in to drop us off, neither of us said anything.  It took us a couple extra seconds to get off-- we were off balance and our heads were swirling.  We walked a little slower to the next ride, but proceeded to ride every coaster, with child-like abandon!  Lastly, we climbed on the scream machine-- it was a childhood favorite for me-- you know the old wooden roller coaster with a big huge hill at the beginning and then several consecutive smaller hills afterwards.  I insisted that we ride in the back, because it faster and better that way, just like in my childhood.

BIG mistake.  I didn't realize how old and feeble we were-- and that ride shook us around like rag dolls the entire time-- knocking the breath out of us repeatedly, snapping and popping things that shouldn't be snapped and popped.  We had to laugh to keep from crying.  It was straight TORTURE. When we climbed off, we looked around for our chiropractor-- we have never needed her more!

When we woke up Sunday, we were really sore.  How embarrassing!  I guess we can't gallivant around like youngsters anymore.  I looked at Chad and asked why I aged so quickly.... he said he's rubbing off on me!

While we were gone for the day, Uncle Eli came to play with Max.  Both of my brothers love that baby, and Eli is really great with kids-- he has been since he was a kid himself.  Actually, all 3 of us are baby people-- I think my mom did that to us because she loves them too!  Anyway, Eli has come to watch Max a couple times before, so Max was dancing with excitement when he came.  They had "boys day"....

Aren't they precious together?? It's crazy that Eli was my baby-- I just loved him as soon as he was born and helped my mom take care of him.  I was only 4 when he was born, but I would change his diapers and hold him like I was an adult.  My mom says that I took it upon myself to be his second mom.  Poor kid had two women fussing over him his whole life.  Anyway, he's grown and mature and funny and very trusted with my baby and handsome and smart and making something of himself.  I'm so darn proud!

Now if he would just get a girlfriend that could turn into his wife so I can have some more females in the family..............

And lastly, congrats to my parents who also celebrated their anniversary on Saturday- 28 wonderful years!  And to my CRB, thanks for being my one and only-- I only have eyes for you.  If I love you like I do now, after only 2 years, I can't imagine what it will be like when we hit 10, then 20, then 30, then 100!!

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