Monday, June 7, 2010

Beach Stats and Pictures

Max loved the beach, the sand, the pool, the ocean, and anything else he could get his hands on.  He was also quite adept at knocking the umbrella down and was very proud of himself for accomplishing such tasks.

The beach is a great place to be a Dad of 2 boys, as you can throw people into the pool, you work way better than a raft, you're fun and you don't mind the sand in your shorts.

The beach we were at had a beach front library... not even kidding.  But why would you need a beach front library?  Well if you're walking down the to pier and a big huge lightening storm pops up and scares you half to death, you and the family can duck into safety for a nice afternoon story time, of course!

Gabe met new "pals" (his word not mine) almost everyday and once particular "pal" gave him this wisdom: the buoy in the ocean is the line for sharks- they are not allowed to go past it.  But if you swim out to the buoy (aka the sand bar) the sharks will bite you.  My cousin then asked Gabe where the sharks are and he said "World wide".  I decided to let him believe that the buoy did indeed make a barrier for the sharks.

Chad got to play golf twice and go fishing twice.  This is more exciting than Christmas morning for him!

Max liked to eat sand, watermelon, sand mixed with watermelon... among other things.  He would play very hard, and kick and splash... and then crash :)  His first beach experience was just delightful.  And somehow he managed to get a better tan than the rest of use, despite the 55 SPF! He has spent the past 48 hours trying to catch up on sleep- vacation just wore him out!

Gabe got to fish as well, and just soaks up the sun.  I kept drenching him in sunscreen, so much so that he looked white, then would watch it all roll down his back when he got out of the water.  This happened even when we put in on inside the room and waited for it to dry.  It's like his skin LOVES the sun and doesn't want anything to do with SPF.  He also wore googles the whole time he was even near water, so his under eyes got so red.  And he just worked the camera all week:

There was lots of brotherly love going on... Gabe never gets frustrated with having a baby brother- instead he just revels in it and enjoys it all.  He's such a good helper too- he can entertain in the back seat, give a bottle, play in the pool, etc!  Before you have a baby, you should pick up a Gabe :)

I tried to hide from the camera, but I was there as well.

Friday was National Donuts Day and me and the boys celebrated appropriately.  I even let Max have a little piece... so much for no sugar?!  But I am such a donut lover, as in this holiday was created for me and they are my most favorite food in all the world, hands down, so how could I deprive my child of such loveliness?

Group pic!  (My cousin Holly, her husband Michael and their son, Caden, were all there with our family)

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