Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Months Strong... and Growing!

This past weekend, Max went to my parents for 4 days.  As in, he went to Indiana withOUT me.  The longest I have ever been away from him, prior to this weekend, was for 19 hours when I went to writer's retreat and he stayed home with Chad.  So this was EYE OPENING and really really REALLY (times a million) hard!

For some moms, they leave their babies long before the 10 months mark.  For some moms, they wouldn't dream of leaving their baby this early.  But for us, this was good timing.  Max is really flexible and my parents just adore him, and we had a wedding to go to this weekend, so it all worked.  Honestly, my parents have been preparing for this event since they found out I was pregnant with the little guy.  They have a crib, and his detergent, and his bath soap, and a high chair, and they have contemplated stealing him from us.

During his stay, Max turned 10 months old!  (Saturday, June 19th, 2010.) Not much is different in the realm of his size, his clothes, or his food, but one thing has changed:

His MOBILITY! And mix that with his newfound curiosity.

Now, he likes to check out anything and everything VERY thoroughly.

And let's just say, this little man is keeping us on our toes... and helping me reorganize :)

Dear Max,

You are still more wonderful than I ever imagined- you continue to grow each day and my love for you does too.  I can think of no better job than being your mom.  I thank God for you continuously and me and your Dad just plain like every darn thing about you.  Thanks for being our son and thanks for smiling at us everyday.  You're the best!


Your very PROUD Mommy

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