Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mr. Wonderful, PM

I know grandparents are special and love their grandkids- but our kids have it really good. Both my parents and Chad's parents are all about our babes and it's quite nice!

The only problem... they live FAR away and we don't get to see them often enough for them to experience all Max's stages.  So this post is for them-- it captures Max's personality... he's a chatter box!  And his new moves.  To Chad's parents, he's know as Mr. Wonderful and courtesy of my mom, He's Perfect Max, aka PM.  (The child has it rough- can you tell?)

Disclaimer:  I have NO idea why I talk like I do on the videos.  You have the freedom to make fun of me behind my back.

This first video is just him talking at dinner- he apparently has a lot to say.

Did you get all that?  This is him all the time now- he just woke up one day and decided to speak- a lot- alebit jibberish.

Ok, this next one is him crawling (and my talking- begin cringing now!)

Pretty cute, I know!  But I must say that Max crawling without a diaper (NAKED!) is much cuter- but I didn't want to be arrested, so I'm not posting it :)

And lastly, this is the first proof we have of Max trying to copy everything Gabe does... welcome to the next 18 years of our life! (This is at breakfast Sunday morning hence the pj's and bed head.)

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