Friday, July 30, 2010

Meany Head and My Boo

I started this post on Sunday- almost a week ago.  I was planning to brag on my husband and call out the sneaky snake (aka Satan) for the “meany head” that he is.  You see, every time I take long enough to think about my great hubby or get stopped in my tracks from his awesome-ness, then within 24 hours, no joke, we are in some sort of huge fight.  The bible makes it clear that Satan is our enemy- it even compares him to a roaring lion, prowling around looking for someone to desire.  So he attacks our marriage anytime we’re doing it well.

Well, I didn’t even get this post finished, because of the craziness of the week, but Satan still got us to fight.  Meany head!  But I’m going to brag anyway.

So back to Chad.  I just want to tell you about him for a minute.  I hope through this blog, you already know that he’s a great dad.  He loves our boys, he’s the kind of dad that plays with them AND kisses on them.  I know that combination is rare, but it fills my heart with such excitement that it just makes me want to explode with love when I watch him in action.  He’s also very hands-on and involved with their upkeep- he’ll feed them, bathe them, change Max, tuck Gabe in, etc… although I am the mom and that stuff probably comes more naturally for me, anytime he’s needed, he is willing and able to jump in.  I always tell him that if something ever happened to me that my mom would need to move in for months, but really, when it comes down to it, he is a very competent daddy.

And as a husband, he’s great too.  This past Sunday, I had a big stack of postcards that I needed to write on and mail out for all our volunteers in the children’s ministry at church.  Chad and I coach together in this ministry.  When Chad saw me working on these, he asked if I wanted help.  I actually laughed at him, to only later ask him to help.  He did, too, no problem.  And then the more I thought about it, I wondered just how many husbands would actually volunteer help with that?

I know that seems like a little thing, but Chad will do anything I need him to do- he’ll go to the grocery store with me or for me, he’ll clean the kitchen if I’m overwhelmed, he’ll help with laundry—and he’ll do all of these in one evening after a hard day of work if I ask.  He’s a servant, especially when it comes to me.  He loves me and I think he’d probably do just about anything in his power to make me happy.  And of course, his sense of humor is incredible too- he can make me laugh- all the time- even when I’m trying really hard not to laugh.  And he is my very best friend in the whole wide world.

All of this is 100% true, yet why do I focus on the stuff he needs to “work on” instead?  I never hesitate to point out a flaw but I rarely even acknowledge his strengths.  And if on some rare occasion I do, then the meany head I mentioned above slithers in and causes a ruckus.

But here’s the catch- Satan has already been defeated, so why do I keep letting him win?  God was victorious over Satan and sin forever, at the cross.  And so I’m deciding right here, for all to see, that he doesn’t get to have that hold over me or my marriage anymore.  I know Chad and I are still going to fight, and I know we’ll always have things to work on, and we won’t always agree.  But I also know that if I focus on his strengths and love him for who he is, then we can bust up Satan’s party in the midst of our marriage and we’ll be better spouses and parents for it.

Do you hear that meany head?  I’m on to you.  I know you attack me when I take time to count my blessings and admire my husband.  So I’m calling you out- and you don’t get to do that anymore.  And I’m telling all my friends about you too, so they’ll strong arm you right of out their marriages too.  No more stupid fights when things get going really well.  No more stupid fights on the way to church or on the way to tell others about God.  Sorry, game over because you just lost your foothold here!


  1. What a sweet tribute to your husband. You are both very blessed.

  2. This is awesome!!! What an encouragement!

  3. Just catching up on your blog (I've been bad about reading blogs lately)! This post is sooo true. Same things happen with us. I appreciate your honesty here because it's hard to admit this stuff, but it's the absolute truth. I'll come home or call Bryan just to thank him because of something wonderful he has done or have my heart just soooo full over something in our marriage and then when he answers the phone or opens the door it seems like it falls apart. He's impatient or ill about something and then my bubble is burst and it all unravels into an argument. I've never stopped long enough to denounce it and realize that's all Satan. So, thanks for this! Hope you're doing well. That Max is just absolutely adorable. I loved the video of his laughing!