Monday, August 2, 2010


Gabe started 2nd grade today.  It's funny to watch little kids have grown up emotions, but yesterday and this morning he was filled with anxiety.  It was really ironic because if there is anything that Gabe is great at, it's school.  God has given him an incredible brain.

But that brings some more irony, but this time it's focused on us parents.  Yesterday at church, our new pastor Paul Alexander delivered a GREAT message, filled with scripture about parenting.  There were so many good parts, but the bottom line for Chad and I was that our job as parents is to empower our boys to be who God has created them to be- simple as that.  So instead of celebrating good grades and their brains, it's important to begin celebrating every characteristic that is Christ-like. It's a difficult switch to make, because it's easier to praise behaviors than character, but I'm up for the challenge.  Several times today, I've had to stop my praise from being "Good thinking Gabe, you're such a smart kid" to "I'm so glad you're using your brain that God gave you and working hard like Jesus wants you to" and so on.  But how relieving-- we don't have to come up with a plan or a dream for our kids- we don't even have to steer them down the path- God has already done that!  We just have to keep empowering them and encouraging them and teaching them to follow God and be who He called them to be.

I love that it's back to school in the Bowman household.  I love the structure and the routine.  I love our bed times and I even love that alarm clock- not because I love waking up, but because with structure comes productivity.  Especially in our spiritual lives. But with this new school year comes a new approach to parenting, and our mindset!  We may have a doctor or a lawyer on our hands.  We may have a computer guy or a garbage man.  We may have a contractor or a missionary.  But that part doesn't matter.  Our goal is to have Christ-followers, with a heart for the lost, who live and breathe where God has called them.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't get more exciting than this!


  1. Great stuff Lauren. I'm going to try and give that "character" praise as well. My kids start tomorrow, so we were praying BIG tonight. Exciting and scary times ahead. Micah actually asked that I pray for him to be a better listener in school. I was like, "Yes! Thank you Jesus!"

  2. Love this post. I loved the message on Sunday too :) Realizing God's sovereignty and Hand over our lives is a wonderful thing.

  3. AWESOME!!! Love this blog. I would love to get that message to listen too. :)