Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Captain Adorable

My grandma got Max some new pajamas for his birthday:

That's right, they say "Captain Adorable".  And I can't think of a title more fitting!  (FYI, he's sitting in the rocking chair I got for my first birthday.)

And that's right, the pj's came with a cape!!  And the boy, he just came with that sweet face and those blue eyes.

He also got this fire engine for his birthday, too, from The Halls and he loves it.  He prefers to ride backwards.  And then when he runs into something, he stops and pushes the button...

And the sirens sing, and the bells ring, and Captain Adorable dances... then he goes onto his tippy toes to roll forward....

So that he can do it all over again :)


  1. He is Captain Adorable, for sure :) SOOOOO cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! SOOOOO precious! Love the foot in the end!