Monday, August 9, 2010


Some of my favorite things to do with Max are his "tricks".  His first good one was clapping.  With the word "yayy" he'd response with lots of clapping and smiling.  Then we taught him the wave "bye" and eventually added the word itself.  We practice everyday when Maggie leaves and now he'll do it to strangers in the store.  Of course, the doctor was proud of this one too as his last check up.

We'll since then, we've added a lot to his repertoire-- crawling, climbing, standing, clicking, saying "thank you", playing catch, giving kisses etc... the list goes on, but the common theme is that we've "worked" with him at all of his tricks.  (BTW, I've been working on blowing kisses for ages and he wants nothing to do with it!)

Well apparently, Max is so mature now adays that he can teach himself tricks- and very advanced ones!

Did you see that?  He can stand on his head!  And lift one arm up.  And no one taught him this.  He's AMAZING!

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