Monday, August 30, 2010


So you all read as I grieved my ominous future of a potential minivan... and well, in the midst of the fall chaos at the Bowman house, I never finished the story....

On Thursday, August 12th, 2010, my sweet, wonderful, reliable, trusty, handy dandy, beautiful 4Runner went to be with his new family.  That's right, he now lives in Norcross and is loved by another.  Because of all the paperwork and everything that goes into these kinds of transactions, I didn't even get teary as it pulled out of my driveway, but now, when I pass one on the road, I have to gulp down the lump in my chest, and I think back to the days when I was a carefree, windows down, music up, hair blowing in the wind....  oh how those days are gone.

And then on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010, just two days before my baby turned one (rough week!), look what came to live in my garage:

Oh yes, mini van, MEGA fun.  We are the (eventually to be proud) owners of a Swagger Wagon.

Yes, she's something.  We haven't formed a bond yet.  But we're working on it.  I think it's kind of like a new job-- it's hard at first, and sometimes awkward, but once you get into your groove, it becomes the new normal.  I'm just waiting for that to happen! Every time I walk into the garage or a parking lot and see her, I laugh.  Yes, audibly.  It just cracks me up that this is my new ride.  This is exactly what happens when you say "never".  It really cracks me up when I go climb in and I'm all alone- geez.  I think I need 2 cars-- a Lauren car and a mommy car.  Maybe like a little sports car, that vrooms, to counter-act the mini.  I'm just not so sure that's in the budget!!

On a side note, Chad likes the van.  He has wanted one his whole life and just hasn't admitted it.  He likes to ride in it, drive it, and if there was a strip, he would cruise up and down it, in the mini, with a grin on his face from ear to ear.  At this point, Chad has arrived!  When I first started dating Chad, the Porton Posse referred to him as "Chad the Dad"-- namely because he had Gabe, and at one point in my singleness, as soon as a guy entered the picture, he was escorted out.  None of "them" made it to a 2nd date, let alone the serious category-- so they had to have nicknames so my friends could keep track of who I was talking about.  But I'm beginning to think that this was foreshadowing-- of course Chad the Dad would have a mini-van-- it goes with his persona!

Anyway, after my chuckle upon seeing her, I climb in, and get situated, and we connect.  The room, the organization possibilities, the smell of the leather-- it's nice.  So just give me some time-- I'm a loyal person, even to a fault, so once she makes her way into the inner circle, the mini will be loved as well.  Some day.

Update #2:  You may remember that my baby brother took it upon himself to cut my Max's hair.  He got his point across although hair styling really isn't his spiritual gift.  Therefore, I had to call my cousin Lindsey (who I was about to call anyway, Eli!) to come save the say.  And that she did :)

She came a couple Saturdays ago, to the house, and got Max all trimmed up.  And I HATED it.  Not because it she did a bad job-- she did a GREAT job-- but in about 20 minutes, my baby looked like a little boy instead- yikes!!  And no, this isn't just in my own head, people all around town are saying this to me.  It was tragic.  But I have since adjusted and I even added some gel and give him some spikes and it's so cute.  He's one handsome baby man if I do say so myself!

I also got some hair for his baby book and some play by play pictures of this event... remind me to keep my future children away from Uncle Eli until his signs a "no scissors" agreement!

This last picture is Max helping my Dad with the fantasy football draft- doesn't he look like a little man with his big boy haircut??

He was supposed to be in bed, but manages to sleep a LOT less when my Dad is in town...

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