Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh no, HE didn't!

Yesterday was super fun because my baby brother, Uncle Eli, came to town for a Max play day.  He called over the weekend to let me know that he had some time between his internship and when college started again, and he wanted to make sure he got Max time before the college craziness and football started.

So anyway, yesterday was the day for that- he came late Tuesday and spent the night, and then kept Max while we worked yesterday.

Well.... half way through my work day, I got a call from Uncle Eli that him and Max were going for a run and that "maybe" he had just cut Max's hair.

No, I'm not kidding.  These are the real words he said to me.

If truth be told, Max's hair was getting long- he may have had wings over his ears, and his bangs were in his eyes, and he definitely had a mullet- but I was hoping he would make it to his first birthday before his first hair cut- I just can't handle all these firsts and needed to prolong something.

BUT the kicker is that on Tuesday, I broke down and asked my cousin Lindsey who is a fantastic hair stylist if she would trim Max up the next time she was in the neighborhood and she agreed to make it happen.  Honestly, I was worried Max was going to start cussing me out in baby language for allowing his hair to get so long that it tangled in his eye lashes. It really just happened over night too- he was bald, like really bald, and then he had hair, lots of hair.

It's not my fault he's growing so fast- I told him to stop.

So anyway, back to the haircut.  Apparently, Uncle Eli had taken it upon himself to trim his bangs, around his ears, and his mullet.  Eli said, "I just left him in his high chair and got the scissors out and when I did, Max got really still"... well yeah, if you come at the child with a pointy weapon, I should think he would get still!

So I was NOT there for Max's first hair cut, I had NO say in Max's first hair cut, a professional was NOT involved in Max's first hair cut, there are NO picture of Max's first haircut, and a certain someone did NOT save a piece of Max's hair for his baby book.

Yes, I know, a travesty!

But lucky for Eli, and everyone that loves him, he actually did a really good job and I'm already laughing about this story.  So he gets to live :)

When I asked Eli what he was thinking he said, "Well it's 2 weeks before his birthday, so I figured it'd have time to grow out if I mess up!"  HA!

Here are some pictures from this morning of my newly spruced up baby, bed head and all:

And you want to know the best part?  When I called my Dad last night to tell him what Eli did, he started cackling only to tell me that when Max was there in June, HE had cut some of his hair!  And he was proud that he was smart enough not to tell me and had cut such a small amount that I didn't notice.

Oh Noblitt men!  They are something, aren't they??


  1. This is hilarious. I can only imagine your reaction to that phone call... Did you seriously consider going home early from work to kill your brother?!?!? Max is a doll. I can't believe he's about to be 1!!!

  2. He is so cute!!!! good grief, how do you handle it?