Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uncle Eli

I have several new posts that I need to put together-- we've been busy over here in Bowman-land!  We really enjoyed the long holiday weekend and got to hang out with lots of our favorite people.  You can't beat that!  Not to mention that Georgia's heat wave temporarily went away for a couple days (although it is back now).  But I'm still getting back in the groove, so you'll have to settle for some cute Max pics with his Uncle Eli.

Uncle Eli came to town on Saturday- he did fireworks with us, ran the Peachtree Road Race with us, went to the 4th of July lake party at the Foster's with us, and then hung around all day yesterday to capitalize on Max time.  So after lazy-ing around all morning, we headed to Sprayground in Roswell.  I LOVE that place-- what a wonderful idea and it's only ONE dollar.  Nothing costs a dollar anymore-- we're going to be regulars there when Max gets just a little bit bigger :)

Here are some kodak moments that were definitely meant for sharing:

After warming up, Max was all about it!

Look at that smile-- he's such a HAM!

But let's be honest, it's way more fun if Uncle Eli gets in...

This shower was something the should be in Who-ville or some other Dr. Suess book, but I didn't get a good picture- oops!  Guess we'll have to go again :)

That picture and that face just brings me JOY! Pure, uninhibited JOY!

He's reaching for Uncle Eli... "Hey, why aren't you sitting here with me, I thought I had you wrapped around my finger like the other big people that fall all over themselves for my cuteness."

Max: "Oh, pardon my jelly roll hanging out the middle-- my mom loves chunky babies and insisted I work on growing it out-- bring on the ice cream!"

I had to get a picture of Max's figure from the back-- can babies have bad posture? Regardless, it's adorable!

He kept trying to "catch" the water- but he preferred to stay away from the big kids and just watch their shananigans!

Again, catching water...

Ok, that's enough precious baby water fun pictures for one day.  Thank you Uncle Eli for coming to play, we love you!

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