Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tweets That Never Happened

This week has been emotionally exhausting and I feel like I've just been going through the motions as I think about my friend and her broken heart.  I haven't done any laundry this week or cooked a meal, and thankfully our Maggie bathed Max today while I was at work.  I have errands to run, and emails to respond to, and things to plan.  But there's just not time right now.  I've also been MIA on twitter, and yet for some reason, my brain thinks in tweets.

I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.  So this post is purely a little pick me up-- these are real life thoughts I've had these past couples day, and yes, I did think them in tweet format-- but yet they never made it to twitter.

So if I’m sending MY son’s first birthday party invitations, does this mean I’m an adult? #didntgetthememo

I just stood at the automatic paper towel dispenser waiting for 10 seconds before I realized it wasn’t automatic#spoiled

My husband said “I’ve missed you tonight” and I replied “Thank you for cleaning the kitchen. #speakingeachotherslovelanguage

Gabe starts 2nd grade on Monday- wasn’t his 4th birthday just the other day? #timeflies

Sometimes I forget to eat for so long that McDonald's sounds AMAZING.  But I still don't go there.#haventlostallmycommonsense

All add some more as my weird brain thinks of them....

Meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter: @lbowman24 and ideally I'll actually use it again soon, ha!

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