Thursday, July 22, 2010


I met my friend Rachel the day I started 6th grade.  I was new in town, after moving over the summer from NC, and she was in my homeroom.  I'm going to be honest and tell you that I was drawn to her because of her curly hair- I loved it from afar and wanted to be her friend to get near it!  I had stick straight hair and she had long gorgeous ringlets all over her entire head.  We ended up having several classes together for the next 6 years, we cheered together, hung out together, spent weekends together, and really just grew up together.

A few weeks ago, her mom, Laura, suddenly passed away.  It was quick and tragic and very shocking for everyone.  Of course all of our friends came together to support Rachel and her sisters and to celebrate her mom's life- her mom was VERY involved with everything her kids did, so we all knew her well.  At her funeral, one friend spoke about her story telling abilities-- she was awesome!  And if they story was funny, she would start laughing before she had even told the story.  She was a wonderful lady.

With that being said, I also want to point out that "we" as friends can support them, but there is no way we can understand what they're going through and what they're dealing with-- I mean they lost their mom.

I have been reading a book called "You are Captivating: Celebrating a Mother's Heart" by Stasi Eldredge and then when this happened, I couldn't help but to really analyze the heart of a mother and the mother/ child relationship.  As I continue to read this book, it's really kind of two-fold for me- first of all, it's talking about me as a mother, and secondly, I finally understand my own mother's love for me, since I know live that daily.

My point to all of this is really just to encourage you to be thankful and appreciate your own mom-- she is one of a kind, regardless of her shortcoming, and she loves you like no one else on earth.  I also want to ask that you pray for Rachel and her sister's Sara and Clara, and also for their Dad, John.  Just pray the God will heal their hearts and show them how to move forward after this tragedy.  And lastly, I wanted to share a few quotes from the book- they're deep, but they're sweet, they are encouraging, and they are something to think about :)
pg 5: (Talking about right after her first child was born) I hadn't been this moved since I first surrendered and invited Jesus to come and take his rightful place in my heart as my King.  I loved my husband passionately.... but this!  This was altogether different.  This fierce, abandoned, protective, devoted love was wholly new and profound.  I had become a mother.  Everything in the world changed.

pg 5: Now, not only had my body grown, but my heart had expanded to the point that it no longer fit inside me.

pg 30: Every single time we choose to put our children first, before our needs and our wants, before our dreams and our desires, before our rights and what we deserve, a little bit of out selfishness dies and a little more holiness takes root in our hearts.

pg 30-31: When you cry out to God in the midst of weariness and loneliness and sorrow for the strength to love, for the wisdom to discipline well, for the grace to respond with patience, for the help to soothe the ache in your heart, he deepens his presence in your soul and changes you ever more into the woman you desire to be; the woman you are becoming-- the woman you were created to be.

pg 32: In the midst of our laundry lists, our carpools and craziness, our meeting and making lunches, God is bring forth life in us.

pg 42: Daughter of Eve, image bearers of a life-giving God, you are called to bring forth life.  All of us.  In our children, in our relationships, in our homes, and in the Kingdom of God.  Yes, it will cost you dearly.  Just as it has costed God dearly to love.  But he will tell you it is worth it.

pg 46: The most important thing we are to offer as mothers-- is mercy.

I love you Mom!

And Max, thanks for being my boy-- I love being your mother!

God, thank you for the gift of my Mom and for allowing me to experience motherhood-- what a blessing!

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