Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art Shows and Gabe-isms

If you don't know Gabe, you MUST meet him- his brain is unlike any other and he has the vocabulary of an adult-- well, actually, probably better than most adults!  At his ripe old age of 7, he already uses "sayings" and "quotes" and other colloquial language to spice up the average story.  That are side-splittingly funny- and I mean to write them down every time but often forget.  Lucky for you (and my memories) I did catch a couple this past week that I think you'll enjoy:

When talking about someone sleeping, "She was down like a light"

When Chad and I were talking about getting a bigger car for me, Gabe chimes in from the back (although we didn't even realize he was listening) and he said, "I want to get a new car for Daddy- a new fashion truck".

I was changing Max's diaper in his room, when Gabe bounces in and says "as a matter of a fact, this boo boo on my arm hurts the most"... not too funny unless you realize that I wasn't even talking to him-- and we hadn't discussed boo boos all day!

My personal favorite:  While driving to the grocery store, a country song came on and I started singing, like I normally do, and Gabe says, "You and Shawn (Gabe's stepdad) like country most of all... me and Mommy, we like beat music... we're crazy like that."  As if that wasn't enough to get me laughing, I stifled my giggles and asked what exactly beat music was and Gabe replied, "The stuff you shake to."

What a handsome little man!

Last week, I took Gabe to work with me-- he loves our sitter, but he also really likes come to work. So I decided that I'd invite him to come with me, and he was chomping at the bit to go!  It's so funny-- adults long for the days when summer consisted of cartoons and the pool, and kids love to go to work- ha!  Anyway, when Gabe is at work, he makes art... lots of art!  He brings his favorite pens, and the ideas run through his head the whole drive in-- he discusses them out loud with me as we ride :)

On this special occasion, Gabe made an entire art show, and invited my co-workers during lunch.  That's precious, right?  Well the signs make it so much better... I just wish I was in that brain of his- hilarious!  Let me give you the play by play:

This is Gabe making the different (master)pieces and I want to point out that when Gabe is working, you don't hear a peep from him-- and if I try to talk to him, he ignores me, ha!  I guess he's a true artist:

Once all the work was done, he put up the exhibit:

And I'll give you some close-ups so you can truly admire his brain-- first of all, the sign, just in case you're unsure where the show is located:

Secondly, the exhibit, itself:

And my personal favorite touch that he added is the sign on my door, pointing to the show-- I didn't get a picture of the "before" sign, but this is after he added a few more (master)pieces:

Yes, that's right.. under the word "Art fair", it says "expanded"!  Ha, I LOVE IT!

The exhibit included some puzzles that he put together, a box that he turned into a robot helmet, another box that he turned into a fish, a self portrait, that when you held it up to the light, you could see his skeleton through it (he drew his bones on the back of the paper for this effect).  He also had a book, and some sonic the hedge hog pictures.


This little guy and his brain (and his imagination) has blessed many lives already.  Thank you God for giving us Gabe- for his laugh, his entertainment value, and his heart!

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