Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Improvement

Remember that show?  When it first started, I wasn't allowed to watch it-- maybe because it came on after my bed time- I don't remember for sure- but it was always a hot topic at the lunch table and I was the left out dork who pretended I knew what everyone was talking about... lame.  AND to make matters worse, I didn't even have a crush on JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and I didn't have his poster anywhere in my room.  Lamer.

But this post is not about that!  It is about our house... and it's being improved :)  We bought this house a year and a half ago while I was growing Max.  It's an old house- almost 40 years old- and we bought it when the market was at the bottom and got a steal of a deal! We had high hopes of all the things we were going to change and add and fix and do. We moved in May, aka the middle of Chad's busy season, then we had a new baby, and it was all down hill from there.  Not to mention the ole saying that a plumber's house always needs plumbing and a painters house always needs painting... and I'm married to a painter... and our needed a lot of painting... you see where this is going?

Well something amazing and wonderful has happened to Chad:  he has just finished the outside of our house and it is incredible.  Before the new paint, it was a dark beige/ tan on the top, horrible orange on the shutters and doors, and the brick was somehow a beachy orange color with the random mocha brick thrown in every now and then, with no rhyme or reason.  Does reading it make you cringe?  If so, you're right on track.  But now look at it:

If you ignore the yard, it just lovely and wonderful and home-y!

Another thing that has happened makes my organizer heart go pitter patter... I got a pantry!  And another work station. AND granite counter tops!  It literally doubled my space in the kitchen and it's amazing.  Chad and his Dad did it, and it looks so pretty and works just like I imagined.  I was using a black wire shelf from target- like the kind that you keep in a garage- IN my kitchen. And I really like for things to be pretty and decorated and organized and neat- so can you see why this is beautiful and wonderful?

And here is some more of the granite:

Oh beautiful!!

Before we moved in, we got new carpet.  Then Chad painted all of the old brown wood work upstairs in an antique white.  Our room, Gabe's room, and Max's room are all painted, decorated, curtained, and "done" and the downstairs got a new coat of paint as well.  We replaced the sliding glass doors that worked sometimes with pretty french doors, and we had this super weird "Mexican take out window" the looked from the kitchen to the living room- and thank goodness, Chad filled that in as well.  We're on a roll and it's becoming more and more like home!

The yard was (is) an atrosicty when we moved in... and unfortunately neither of us are yard/ gardening people.  BUT Chad did cut down tons of trees in the front flower bed, and we had several days of burning to get rid of all the brush.  We also bagged over 60 bags of debris and weeds and ugly bushes too.  My Dad spent several days cleaning out a flower bed that was similar to picture of a jungle. Now we just have a guy come mow for us until we get our next stash of cash together then we're going to build a retaining wall on the right side of the driveway, put in steps instead of the uneven and unsafe sidewalk, and even out the front yard for a nice play space.  Then we have to take down all of the trees in the front yard (cha-ching $$$$$) and then my Landscape Architecture brother Eli, will come in and do his thing, and then our yard will be set!

In the meantime, Chad has a guy lined up to come re-so our master bath-- it's like 2ft by 2ft-- apparently small bathrooms for the master were the in thing in the 70's... so the boys bathroom is 3 times the size of ours, seriously!  Then Chad also got a bid to re-tile their bathroom as well, and we'll get a new sink and renovate a few other things and we'll be set.

The list of things to do is still LONG but the progress is great and it makes driving up the driveway that much better!  Thanks for all your work Chad, it looks wonderful!

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