Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sleepover

** Note:  I wrote this last week and forgot to post it, oops!

You know how last week consisted of "embarrassing bath time" pictures of Max and his friend who is a girl, Elizabeth Grace?  Well this past weekend, they also had their first co-ed sleepover.  Things are getting serious.  At this point, we're not worried, especially since they were both confined to separate cribs in separate rooms, but don't fret, they were under full parental supervision the entire night. :) And not the kind of "supervision" at the after-prom party, where the parents insist they'll stay up all night with the kids and that no one will sleep, but yet they stay upstairs and never check in on the teens. (In regards to this, I would like to point out the obvious, the "sleeping" isn't the problem... and if the teens were wanting sleep, they'd go home, duh!)

Anyway, EG's mom, Anna, had a night on the town with some friends and EG's dad, Robert, was in Ohio with his family for a football game.  So EG came over in time for dinner and Chad and I took the two tots in the minivan to a local burger and shakes joint.  We sat outside and enjoyed the weather, and the kiddies were dolls!  Afterwards, we played in the courtyard between the restaurants, and I just don't understand how the night was so peaceful.  We had TWO children between the ages of 13 months and 19 months, and they let us talk, there were no tears, there were no fits or fussing, and they actually played together lovingly.

Then when we got home, they got their baths, their pjs, and went to bed.  It was drama and fussing free- crazy!  After all was said and done, I wasn't even tired and worn out like I had expected!

The next morning, the "downside" to the sleepover slapped me in the face at about 6:05am.  Elizabeth Grace woke up to discover she was not in her bed and she wasn't super pumped about this.  She started crying for her mom, and I ran in to rescue her... but not before Max woke up, and upon noticing that he WAS in his bed, decided that it was definitely time to get up and play.

So the day started early, but after a double breakfast of yo'baby yogurt, cinnamon toast, and berries, we headed out to a neighborhood-wide garage sale.  You see, this dynamic duo NEEDS a radio flyer wagon, with seat and seats belts for trick or treating, and the $170 price tag at babies r us wasn't too appealing.  Lucky for us, EG's big neighborhood was having a huge yard sale and tons of houses had out the baby gear that they had outgrown.  I thought for sure there'd be a wagon there, so we embarked on our search after picking up EG's mom for the fun.

AND we found one!!  It's perfect and Max already loves riding in it and Gabe loves pulling him around.  It's a win/win for the whole family :)

After the yard sale, we drove over the river and through the woods to the North Georgia Premium Outlets, and did some shopping-- just moms and tots.  Max and EG were delightful and Anna and I enjoyed our time together.  It was a fun adventure, and we got some bargains.  Again, a win/ win for the whole family.

But during the shopping trip, Max also got his first kiss.  Yes, I know, the bath, the sleepover, and the first kiss all in one week.  Like I said, it's getting serious :)  EG was putting the moves on him, but Max was leaning into it.  I think the feelings are mutual, but take a look and decide for yourself:

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