Tuesday, October 26, 2010

27 Birthday Blessings

All month long, I've been celebrating my birthmonth, but today is my actual birthday!!  SO in order to celebrate my 27th year, I've made a list filled with 27 of my favorite blessings:

1. My sweet Jesus saved my soul!

2. My husband Chad, who can always make me laugh, and has the most wonderful curls and dimples

3. My baby Max, who thinks I hung the moon :)

4. My stepson Gabe, who has a heart of gold and is always challenging me to be a better mom

5. My wonderful family (My mom and dad, and two brothers)- it's really a cool thing to have a family that you really enjoy being around and who feel the same about you... even though they know you really well!

6. My wonderful friends who bring me joy, love, and entertainment

7. Our small group that is committed to doing life together and help me be the wife and mom God called me to be

8. The children's ministry at our church that pours into our children, and that we volunteer with

9. The women's ministry at our church- the bibles studies, women, and girl's night out!

10. My grandparents, all of whom are still alive, and healthy, Praise God- they love me and my boys!

11.Our cute little house and our cars that run well (even though I did lose cool points this year when I converted to the swagger wagon)

12. My job, and all my co-workers- I enjoy working with them

13. Our two wonderful sitters that keep Max several mornings a week-- they love him and care for him and put me at ease each time I leave

14. My in-laws that love me as their own and spoil my boys to death

15. The dunkin donuts right beside my work

16. The many love stories and wedding that we got to be a part of this year, and the 2 that happen in November

17. All the technology like digital cameras, iphone, internet, and blogs that allow me to capture all our memories and share them with anyone who may or may not care :)

18. Pumpkin spice lattes

19. Books to read... for fun and for wisdom

20. Naps under a quilt

21. Football! (Go Dawgs!)

22. Our health

23. Sunshine, and cool breezes, and fall weather

24. My "Happy 60th Birhday" card from Elizabeth Grace

25. Babies-- all babies-- not just mine-- I just love them and their little faces and their little minds and their little hearts and all the joy they bring to me and the world!

26. Birthday cake and birthday donuts and birthday cards and birthday notes and birthday texts and birthday gifts

27.  27 wonderful years, surrounded by friends and family, constantly pointing me to the cross

P.S. I've way more blessed than just 27 times-- that's just the way God is!

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