Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Opposite Sex and Other Embarrassing Pictures

*NOTE: Certain pictures were removed after some disturbing online data

Every kid has those bath time pictures that come back to haunt them later in life.  Mine were always with my brothers.  Once, Sam, the middle brother, wanted to get in the bath with me so badly, that he jumped in with all his clothes on.  He was just a toddler with jeans on, and he immediately realized that wet jeans weren't the way to go.  We have a picture of him standing, clothed and sopping wet, in the tub with me-- he's crying and I'm laughing.

Well, Max had his first experience with that... and it was with the opposite sex... me and Anna are GLEEK's and wanted to watch the Britney Spears GLEE episode together.  So we fed the kids at my house and put them in the bath together and got them ready for bed...

Elizabeth Grace didn't really want to get in the bath because she doesn't like bubbles- but she enjoyed playing with Max from the outside.  She also liked holding his hand... and obviously Max's grin shows he's a fan as well.... oh the whole opposite sex thing, it starts early, doesn't it?

They might kill us because of these pictures later in life- flaunting their business all about- but for now, it's so cute!  Elizabeth Grace did get in the tub once the bubbles were washed down and then she wore Max's "Captain Adorable" pjs- I'm not sure why I didn't capture that on film, but it was quite adorable, that's for sure!

On a slightly different, but still embarrassing, note, one of Max's new favorite things to do is to go into my bathroom... any chance he gets, and get out a headband.  His favorite is the red one and he loves wearing it.  When it's on his head, there is a proud grin plastered across his face-- priceless!

Oh, kids these days! Now that I'm a mom, and I get to laugh at my little guy so often, I totally understand and appreciate (almost) the torture my parents put us through on film... the bathtub scenes, the tape on the nose, etc...

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