Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Gabe is in the midst of his 3rd soccer season.  And  this has definitely been his best year yet!  He has scored a couple goals and he's gaining some confidence, and he's less afraid and more aggressive, too.  This Saturday was a great game-- and Gabe got another goal and was so excited about it-- but let me tell you about it in his words :

According to Gabe "Well, the first thing that happened was the kid was throwing in and the kid tried to trick me.  And he threw it in and I happened to be close to that guy who he threw it to.  It came straight to me. So I dribbled it down and I dribble it to the side a little bit-- the side of the field and I had a shot of either side of the goalie.  Then I kick in the right and score."

AND then, he turned to his teammate, jumped up in the air, and CHEST bumped him.  Seriously!  He CHEST BUMPED!  It was classic.

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