Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Funday

So yesterday seemed like just the normal Monday... Chad and I both headed out to work and did our thing.  Gabe had the day off from school and went to the pumpkin patch with his mom and his grandparents, and Max spent the morning with his sitter.  I rolled in right after lunch like normal, hugged my boy like normal, and started about our normal business.


A wild hair hit me!

I called Chad and said "Let's go to the Braves game tonight".  His obvious reply, "But we don't have tickets".  So I told him I'd work on it and call him back.  At about 2:45 yesterday, less than 5 hours before the game, I found some tickets online and bought them.

Max took his afternoon nap, I did some work, then I loaded up my boy and headed south...

This was without Chad, because Chad was working south of the airport yesterday.

So naturally, we did what anybody would do- he headed to a truck stop to shower, and I brought him clean clothes and body wash.  Now the obvious question:  Who knew you could shower at truck stops?  AND where do you even find a truck stop in downtown Atl?

Well, Chad knew, thanks to his cross country driving, post Hurricane Katrina.  Apparently, you can pay $5 to use a shower.  So with the help of his handy dandy iphone, he found a truck stop just south of the Stadium, I dropped his stuff off to him (and kept driving around while he showered because truckerland made me nervous) and then we headed to the game.

This part of the story really makes me laugh!  He showered at a TRUCK STOP just 37 miles from our house... thank you Atlanta traffic for being so awesome.  That just makes the spontaneity that much better!

Now our seats were at the top, but the stadium was packed and rowdy, and there was hope through the entire game- which are always the best games!  Max loves the energy at the stadium, and doing the chop, and it was so fun to be at Bobby's last game. When you grow up in the south, Bobby is baseball.  And Bobby is the Braves.

[caption id="attachment_1057" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="(that's Bobby on the screen!)"][/caption]

I'm so glad we decided to be wild and crazy.  It was a late night, especially for the little man, but he was a champ.  And although the game didn't end with a "W", it was still an awesome night to be a Braves fan!  Go Braves, and thank you for our Monday Funday!

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