Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Max: 14 months old

Oh my dearest little boy, how you have stolen my heart and changed my life in more ways than I can fathom.  I know a lot more about love than I ever did before... and I know a lot more about exhaustion too.  I still think Mommy-hood is the BEST gig around- but you're bringing me to my knees and my wits end a little more often nowadays!!  You want to explore everything and you are far too busy to have your diaper changed.  You do not hesitate to kick or hit me when I don't give you your way, and I feel like I am constantly disciplining you.  I know it is for your good, but I hate it at the same time.  I spend what little free time I have reading books about what the bible says about raising you.  I want to be the best mommy- and exactly who God has called me to be.

But let's talk about all the wonderful things about you-- this weekend, you crossed over from a crawler who walked sometimes to a walker who crawled sometimes to a walker who doesn't crawl at all because he's way too mature for that.  Seriously- this was the change of events from Friday to Sunday. You want to "pooosh" every button and light switch you see, you still think anything that is round is a "ball" and should be thrown, and you sign "please" now when you want something.  We listen to your praise CD in the car all the time, and your new favorite song is "This little light of mine" because you love doing the motions and hiding it under a bushel.  You are adorable.  I know it and everyone else thinks it too.  And do you want to know my favorite thing in the world?  No matter what you're doing, even if it involves balls and dirt and being a boy, I can say "Max, I need a kiss" and you'll come right over and oblige me.  99% of the time, I can talk you into a hug too!  You're learning so much- and you understand so much- I can tell you to go get your shoes or go find Daddy and you do it!  Life with you is always new, fun, and exciting.  Have I mentioned that I'm so glad you're mine?

For some reason, your teething has stalled out.  I'm going to ask the doc about it at your 15 month appt, but you don't seem to mind.  You eat like it's your job- and you're a good eater.  Whole milk has added some padding to your bones, and your double chin is on it's way to becoming a triple.  And that just means that there is more to kiss.  You've had your second hair cut this month- I  must've passed the "hair growing like a weed" gene on to you... sorry about that, it gets expensive!

I am officially wishing a stage of yours away- this is first for me- I want the separation anxiety to be gone and never come back.  I know you love me and that I'm the best mom you've ever had, but when I leave you with your 2 very wonderful sitters, you should not scream your head off like I'm murdering you.  It breaks my heart and I just can't take it.  Monday mornings are the worst. Please stop it.

Gabe has always loved you- and now he is excited that you are more like a little boy and less like a baby.  He loves playing with you and pulling you around in your wagon.  And when I tell you to stop growing, he gets on to me, and tells me to stop it :) He also loves your toys and can make you laugh anytime.  He does try to lock you out of his room sometimes, and doesn't want you to touch his stuff ever, but he's learning why this is not ok.  Just remember, he was a only child for a long time before you came into his world and stole some of his limelight- so really, this is all very minimal and doable.

Your dad just loves you.  I guess that's a given, but I mean he loves to watch you play and loves to play with you.  We still sit around and just talk about you and watch you, and pretend we know what your thinking.  We do commentary on your play by play too.  Your dad also like to take you exploring- and he throws you around on the bed and you just giggle.  Every time he gets close to you, he kisses you and my heart just melts.  It's one of my favorite things-- that and donuts :)

Your schedule has been the same since about 12 months

7:00a:  wake up

7:30a: breakfast

9:30/10a: 2-2.5 hour nap

Noonish- lunch

2:30p: 2-2.5 hour nap

6p: dinner

Between 7:30/8- bed time

It's a great day and you're a great sleeper!  And when you're awake you play so hard!  You're pretty good about playing with yourself when I've got stuff to do, but you love when anyone sits on the floor and plays with you.  You still get into things all the time, and I still pick up after you constantly, but we have a fondness for each other, so I let you mess and you let me clean!  We go well together.

Because I'm scared of allergies, I still don't let you do anything nuts, or seafood.  And because I'm worried about what citrus stuff does to my tummy, I don't let you do that either.  We only let you drink milk and water, and plan to protect you from all that sugar that you don't need for as long as possible!  Your favorite thing is still fruit-- you're a fruitopian!  And maybe, just maybe, I've been letting you eat candy corn since it's fall... you say please with a cute smile on your face, and hey, it's corn!

You're my very  best baby and I have more love for you than I can shake a stick at!  The more I learn about parenting and what God says, the more serious I'm taking my job as a parent.  I pray that we instill in you a healthy respect for authority, so that you will allow God to be Lord over your life very soon.  I pray that you choose our ways, as your own ways, and therefore choose Jesus.  I can't thank Him enough for blessing me with you-- I can't thank Him enough for the fine art he crafted when He made you-- and I can't thank Him enough for allowing me to be your mommy.  I love you Max!

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