Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Few of My Favorite (Max) Things...

Max is a little bit of a fussy pants right now- I'm not sure if it's a stage, or if he's reacting to my being gone for several days- but yesterday it seemed as though I had chopped off his arm, but really, I just tried to leave for work.  Then after his nap, he wouldn't let me put him down- clearly not holding him IS a crime. Then this morning, as soon as Max woke up, he squealed- not cried- just more of a screech noise, beckoning us to him and then Chad had to hold him while he ate breakfast- this is no joke.  He would not bend in the middle to get in high chair, but wanted Chad to stand at the table, holding him, and feed him bites... maybe he's a (drama) queen?

So, I thought that this was a perfect time to focus on all the funny things he does right now, instead, and get some laughs.  I'm not sure how God wired us to be completely in love with this little thing, yet capable of rolling our eyes and pulling out our hair at the same time exact time.

Max time is my favorite time of the day- I love taking him places although it's more difficult, I love playing with him even though he just wants to make messes, I love carrying him around, even though it hurts my back and my arm might fall off- and the list could go on, but I'll let some pictures do the talking....

A few of my favorite things:

#1. Max LOVES football and will sit in his chair and watch it with us

#2. Max LOVES to play with tampons

#3. Max crawls like a bear anytime he is outside because he doesn't want his knees to touch the ground

#4. Max thinks he is an adult and wants to be treated as one

#5. Max can always find mud or dirt to play in, regardless of where we are

#6. Max can find a passy, even if we think we've "hidden" them away from him

So regardless of Mr. Fussy Pants-- I still remind him everyday that he's my favorite baby and that he's so cute that I'm going to kiss his face off!  Love him!

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  1. awww :) I love him too :) miss you guys!