Sunday, September 19, 2010

13 month day

Max!  You are 13 months old today!  I can't believe how fast time is flying... and I hear it only gets faster!  Whoa.

There aren't too many changes-- size-wise, you're still the same.  But you're just so full of life and we never have to guess what you're thinking- you make it quite clear.  You babble all the time and speak with passion- we just don't know your language.  You do understand us quite well, though.  My favorite is when I ask for kisses and you dive into me with your mouth open and slobber all over me.  This will not be cute in a couple years- but for now, it's wonderful!

You still love the word "uh oh" and you take a couple steps at a time- but only in the afternoon.  Apparently, you prefer not to exercise in the morning.  You love standing up- especially to throw things, and you're pretty good on your legs- but you think you're faster crawling, although you do love the claps and cheers you get for walking.  You do have a little bit of separation anxiety-- which makes me feel really bad about leaving you to go to work or at church- but you're over it in about 10 seconds, so I think it's just a stage.  You very loved by everyone we leave you with, so it's really nothing to cry about :)

Your two favorite toys are balls and your fire truck and you now like to carry your snuggle everywhere.  We're trying to cut down on your passy, and you're doing pretty well with that.  But you are VERY messy!  You dump your toys out like it's your job, you smear food over everyone and everything.  You love pulling your clothes out of drawers and anything you can reach should apparently be on the floor.  Thank you for giving me something to do- I was feeling a little bored.

This weekend you had your first boys weekend.  I left town with my girlfriends and you stayed home with Daddy and Gabe.  I missed you all like crazy, but you all didn't seem to notice.  I came home to a clean house, clean clothes, clean boys, and big smiles. I guess I can't complain, but it's hard not to be needed by you anymore.  I think 13 months old is a little too early for independence :) Your new favorite thing to do with them is to wrestle-- and from what I can tell, you all practiced A LOT while I was gone.

These 13 months have been fabulous- and I love your tenacity and your smile and your ambition.  I'm really enjoying watching your personality continually manifest itself and I love watching you play with the boys.  You're growing up so fast and I thoroughly enjoy every second I get with you.  I'm still praying for your heart and the man God's calling you to be- I pray I'm the mommy He calls me to be, and that He uses me to grow you into a Jesus fan!!  I love you!!  Love, Mommy

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