Monday, September 17, 2012

Jack's 1st Haircut

When it comes to their hair, Max and Jack are yet again, total opposites. By the time Max was one, he had already had at least 3 hair cuts... a couple without my permission if you remember correctly. Well Jack, not so much. It basically took him through his first year to even sprout hair, so we managed to get pretty close to his 16th month before he needed his first cut...

But alas, the time has come.

Lucky for us, my wonderful cousin Lindsey is amazing with hairs, even baby fine ones, and she also puts up with my wiggly (and sometimes tearful) children. She lives just around the corner from us, so we scheduled a family outing with her to get our baby J trimmed up. The problem was the mullet he was starting to get in that back... yikes! I didn't want anyone mistaking him for a Gators fan, that's for darn sure!

He handled it well-- we both sat in the chair, I had him in a bear hug, and he thought it was pretty funny. I think he enjoyed being the center of attention, and being under the lights and Chad was their to capture it all on camera.

All was well until..... his mother started crying. Seriously. I started crying. Why? Well because my baby as getting his haircut... making him not so much of a baby. And well, because I'm a sap and a nutcase. Chad noticed first and started making fun of me... so I just said I "needed a moment" and Lindsey looked at me in bewilderment. It's amazing I have friends and family that still hang out with me!

But after it all was said and done, and after I regained composer of course, we had the most handsome baby/ toddler ever!

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