Thursday, September 20, 2012

Max turns 3!

Oh how my heart rejoices and aches simultaneously to write this post-- my baby boy, my first born, my little sidekick just turned 3. I can't believe I've been his mom for 3 full years, I can't believe that he's been my baby for that long either-- it has flown by and been absolutely wonderful!

Max's birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we just decided to make a day of it and do it all in one day. He was really funny about his birthday this year- he actually understood it and was looking forward to being 3 like Lizzy. He had also just celebrated Hudson's 4th birthday and understood all the in's and out's of a party.

For several months, Max had said that he wanted 2 parties-- one at Pop's beach (because his birthday was in the midst of our beach vacation when he turned 2, he thought that meant that he should be celebrated on every beach trip!) and one with his friends. He wanted the beach birthday to be golf themed and the friends party to be baseball themed and he was ADAMANT about all of this. And then about a week before he turned 3, we figured out why... me and the boys had gone to my moms and we were walking up to their place when Max started telling me and my mom that at his golf birthday (the first one) he was going to turn 3 and then at the baseball party, he was going to turn 4. We cracked up!! That's how this little man's mind works-- he analyzes a situation, figures out what he wants, and then makes a plan... even if that means skipping a year of his life :)  Apparently being 4 like Hudson seemed like the best way to go!

And so that's what we did-- my mom planned his beach golf birthday party and I planned his baseball party with his friends. And the boy was loved and celebrated all the live long day/ week/ month. (I've taught him well!)

My dearest Max, oh how I love you and your sweet peanut face. I love that you managed to turn 3 and 4 in one month and then finally decided the being 3 was just fine and dandy in itself. I love that being 3 makes you so much bigger in your mind-- including that you buckle your own carseat (praise the Lord) and can now suddenly dress yourself.  Your brain, your vocabulary, and your phrase kill me every time-- lately you've told your Dad and I when we've questioned your mumbling, "nothing, I'm just talking to my own self" and then after turning three, you wanted to make sure all of your clothes still fit and if they we still your size. After Pop got you your new hat, you walked around telling us that "it's just my age" and although you meant size, I will surely not correct you!

Sports are still at the center of your attention, although motorcycles and tractors have made a recent appearance on the radar. You still are very independent and will spend hours playing golf and baseball and soccer and tennis by yourself. Although you do talk us all into playing these sports with your regularly. Your brain is so funny-- you got a golf glove a couple months ago, and as soon as you wake up each day, you must put it on as well as your fitted Braves hat. You like to do things that Chipper Jones would do and your must have on your golf glove to bat as well as ride your bike. (You came up with this completely on your own.) You are a precious child, and your are a mommy's boy who does love time with Annie and Pop. Every time you go visit them, you call and say that you want to stay for 5 days. Luckily you don't know how long that is so usually 2 nights is good and you can be convinced to come back to me.

You have wonderful friends, and a wonderful brain-- you are active and strong and smart, and managed to master the alphabet in about a week. You  now recognize letters on signs as we drive and tell me who's name they start-- you see G's for Gabe and J's for Jack and V's for Vicki and P-O-P for Pop. You recognize when other people share the letters from your name, too. You love that your friend Mason has an M and and A like you--  but he doesn't have an X. Your brain analyzes things like this all on it's own, and I love that almost all of your time is spent with me so I get to watch and 99% of your thoughts. You are an amazing little boy and your Dad and I could not be more proud of you.

Each night as we pray and sing Jesus Loves Me, I tell you how thankful I am that God gave you to me-- but just in case you ever forget, I just want to remind you of that!  You are such a blessing to me and our family. And you are loved forever, 100% as is, and Jesus died for you. And don't forget, I love you tons and tons, but God loves you even more. Happy 3rd birthday little man. You are magnificent!

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