Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I posted this funny post when Max was little and learning to "share" although he still hasn't grasped the concept well...

Recently, I've enjoyed watching the same turn of events with Jack too... oh boy!

Jack is "big" now and can do everything that Max can do-- this includes going outside in the yard alone (or so he thinks) climbing up and standing on anything and everything (including his fire truck that moves) and of course, eating everything that everyone else is eating. When the boy sees food, he is immediately at your feet screeching for a bite. I keep hounding him with "please" but screeching and pointing is much more efficient.

This past week, I caught one such event on my phone camera-- Max had asked for a spoonful of peanut butter-- his most favorite post nap snack right now-- and as soon as Jack saw the spoon and jar, he was in need. I was in the middle of something, so I didn't get him one-- I didn't want it smeared all over my house and I didn't have time to get him in his seat at the moment. So Jack took matters into his own hands...

And all of a sudden, it was silent in the house.

So I walked around the corner to see this:

Oh melt my heart!

Max and Jack seated on the rug-- Max got a lick, then Jack got a lick, and repeat.

Of course Jack was screeching when it was Max's turn...

But Max was not deterred, he just kept sharing :)

I love that these boys are brothers and have each other and I love that they're so close in age. Some days they make me crazy and it'll get worse, I'm sure of it, but they'll always be brothers-- and no one can mess with that bond!

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