Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Diaper Problem

I feel like we haven’t had an incident in quite a while. Truth be told, it’s probably that I’ve become more immune to “incidents” and forget that certain aspects of raising boys isn’t normal to everyone. And one day, when I forget details or want to remind them of the things they did to give me gray hairs, I’ll be wishing for more accounts and more pictures… but I guess keeping them safe and keeping me sane is also a good use of my time!

But alas, Jack went ahead and gave me something to blog about yesterday... apparently his diaper was causing an issue prior to his nap...

Around 2pm, I laid him down for his afternoon snooze. Max was with my parents, so I soaked up the quiet time in the house... I took a 20 minute power nap myself, then I did my bible study, organized some piles, tidied up my to-do list and the living room. I also got in a good episode of The Baby Story (my favorite pass time) and before I knew it, the afternoon was gone and I was wondering where my baby was.

I turned on his video monitor, wondering if he was awake already, but just playing quietly in his bed and to my dismay, I saw this:

His bare booty UP in the air while he was sound asleep. I did a double and a triple take and just began to laugh. Oh this couldn't be! When I put him down, he was so sleepy, he didn't even make a sound. But apparently, he did go ahead and get his diaper OFF before catching his zzz's.

Oh how I chuckled and trembled with fear simultaneously. I tried to ease my anxiety by pointing out that I'd already changed a big #2 earlier in the day, but my heart just couldn't be calmed. Yet, every time I looked at that monitor, I just couldn't stop my laughter. What a funny little boy! And oh what fun it is to raise these small people who are always in the midst of what you least expect!

He didn't wake for about another hour... in the meantime I posted the picture on Facebook and texted it to some of my peeps while I waited in anticipation for the first sounds from his room. When it was time, I went in with my camera and flicked on the lights...

And I was blessed, very blessed!

It was merely a wet spot and a half- diapered kid. And he wasn't pleased with the situation at all. I was giggling and snapping pictures and he was giving me the stank eye. But my dearest Jack, I really appreciate the laugh and the joy-- oh how you bring me joy! And thank you thank you thank you for keeping is "clean-ish" for me with this one. You're the greatest. 

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