Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You know the saying... When it rains....

Last Monday, I walked into work several minutes early and an extra hop in my step.  I had a lot to do, and plenty of energy to do it, and I was ready for the day and the week.  It sat down, opened my computer, got everything going and heard a crackle, and then a fizz, and then a rumble from inside my COMPUTER.  Oh geez, this can't be good, and I immediately turned it on it's side, shook it a bit, flipped it over, and then noticed that I have 5 minutes left before my battery died....

I plugged in the power adaptor and the noises got worse AND the computer didn't recognize the adaptor.... um the problem was mounting.  Almost instantly, the computer shut off  and so I called apple care.  Do you know apple care?  You should, they are wonderful.  They talked me through several things, all of them sounding very technical and helpful... and then Mr. Technician Man signed and said, this is all very bad news, you need to take your computer into a store right now, hold while I make you an appointment.  He then gave me the run down of needing to be realistic and say my goodbyes-- it might be the end for my very dear friend.  This hurt.  To the (apple) core.

To make a long story short (on the 3rd paragraph, ha!) the night before, Max has dropped his smoothie cup into my box of stuff, that was sitting in the car, in between the car seats.  The fatal flaw was that I didn't take the .56 seconds necessary to slip the computer in it's waterproof, temperature-proof case before I put it in the box.  So my computer, and my papers rode to the office the next morning with Max's smoothie cup... a little bit of smoothie dripped out and crawled right into the computer charger opening, leading to the computer's ICU visit.  Due to insurance, we got the computer fixed for NOTHING out of our pocket :)  as after some touch and go moments and 10 days at the Apple Hospital.  My friend was released TODAY-- that's right, it was resurrected, and we are all very overjoyed.  BUT for the past 10 days, I haven't known how to handle myself-- I don't know how to access email or pay bills with the bookmarks on my computer. All my work stuff and all my home stuff is on this computer.  Everything I write and do and think and schedule, on this computer.  AH!  And you don't need to lecture me about backing it up- we do, BUT when I didn't know whether the computer was going to pull through or not, it did me no good :(

So then, this past Friday... the 5th day of being computer-less, I woke up and felt "it".  I was getting sick.  My body hurt and every time I breathed, I felt like I had just run 48576 miles in negative temperatures.  But how could this be?  I had gone to bed just fine and dandy on Thursday?  I only hang out with healthy people.  What happened??

Well, I had a retreat with our church youth group, so I muscled through-- I fought it, denied it, tried to overcome it- but by Sunday, I was DEAD.  As in, don't even look at me because it will hurt, dead.  I had fevers and sweats and shivers, pains and body aches unlike anything I've ever experienced, and I couldn't even hold my baby if I wanted to.  I went through 3 boxes of tissues in as many days, and my throat is absolutely raw from coughing. Chad took over the duties of Mr. Mom and I crawled in bed for 3 days straight.  I called my doctor who informed me that since I was pregnant, they could do NOTHING, and best of luck.  They also told me to drink lots of fluids.  Um, hello, I'm pregnant.  I have to go potty every 20 minutes if I drink a little bit of fluids, but you want me to drink lots?  So I can go potty every 5 minutes, when I can think of nothing worse than having to haul myself out of bed and walk to the toilet?  Wow, sounds outstanding.

By yesterday afternoon, Chad had to head out of town for a job that has to be finished by Friday.  I had to take care of Max- or else let the 1 year old rule the roost.  Although Gabe is normally with us during the week, he has stayed with his mom this week in order to avoid all this fun-- I'm not sure why anyone would want to miss out, though.... Anyway, Max and I made it through last night.  I ordered in dinner, watched him play, tried to confine him in closed in spaces, and before I knew it, it was 7:30 and we could both go to bed.

I woke up this morning and got myself ready-ish-- although my energy is still very low, I was feeling better and had several things to take care of at work. But when I got Max out of bed, I realized he was on FIRE.  He was really fussy and clinging, and sat on the couch without moving-- something was seriously wrong.  His sweet sitter came and sat with him for a bit, I grabbed a few things from work, and then I came and got him and took him to the doctor-- he tested positive for the flu immediately.  AND because he's under 2 years old, he's high risk, and I have to keep a very close eye on him and give him drugs that may cause nightmares and hallucinations.  Did I mention that his father is out of town and his mother is still whiney and weak from her own sickness?  And he's just not himself- he just sits, and mopes and it's heartbreaking, aghhhhh.  He's in pain, and his face in on fire, and I gave him these germs :( Poor baby!

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