Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evie: Part 2

Good morning!  This blog post is one of the best blog posts I have gotten to write in a long time... and I like all my posts :)  Let's just start with the key element of this post-- bottom line, God has done some HUGE things in the life of little Evie in a very short time-- and there is so much good news that there is no way anyone else can get the credit-- only God, the healer and sustainer of life!!

(If you've missed the beginning of this story, please check out the part one: Evelyn "Evie" Claire )

First of all, initially it was going to be a long while before Anna could hold her little girl, but Anna has already held her twice! She even has plans to feed her today!

Secondly, Evie is breathing ON HER OWN!  As in no C-pap, no nasal canula, NOTHING.

Thirdly, Evie has lost weight which means that the fluids in her chest have been absorbed and she's peed it out!!

Fourth of all, her heart is looking great and the cardiologist is very pleased-- it's no longer swollen.

Next on this list of awesomeness,  Evie can potentially get the 2 tubes the run into her tummy out later this week!

Also, she is no longer on antibiotics

Evie's platelet count also stabilized over the weekend and she no longer needs transfusions!

On a special note, sweet Evie has a new name... yesterday as Anna and Robert were filling out the birth certificate paperwork, they made the last minute decision to name Evie after Anna's Granny-- So I'm thrilled to introduce Evelyn Virginia "Evie" to you! She is absolutely precious and you will fall in love with this little baby doll!

Now her initials are EV-- Evie, get it??  And how cute are these sisters?  Elizabeth Grace = EG and Evelyn Virginia = EV.  Adorable!

At this point, things are looking so good, Evie is blowing everyone away!  BUT please don't stop praying- any infection or change could be a major issue considering her size.  Anna and Robert are now trying to balance being home, caring for Lizzy G, visiting Evie an hour away from their house, Robert's job, and Anna's healing.  Also, after Anna was released from the hospital yesterday, she was almost home when they received word that Lizzy had come down with a stomach virus.  So for obvious reasons, Anna wasn't able to go home-- after not seeing her little girl for 5 days, this was crushing :( Please pray for Lizzy to get better quickly, pray for the germs to be banned from the Prusa house during these next several months, and pray for wisdom for Anna and Robert as they navigate all this.

Also, all of their wonderful friends and family have come to help-- they have been blown away by this- Anna was just telling me last night how blessed they are by all of you!  But if I could encourage you to keep it up, that would be great!  Anna has very little energy, she is still healing from major surgery, Robert heads back to work today, and as always, a 2 year old takes a lot-- so your visits, your meals, and your prayers are still coveted!


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  2. God's blessings on all of you. I will have my prayer warriors doing their thing for you and your family. She is soooo beautiful. Love ya. Judith

  3. Hi Anna,

    This was so touching to read. I am so happy for you and Evie. But most of all I was amazed that you named your sweet daughter with the very same name as my litle sister. Her name is Evelyn Virgina Stone. Now how many Evelyn's do you know? And then ones with Virgina as their middle name. WOW. My sister is a little fighter too. Much love.

  4. Anna,
    I am praying for you and EV. I have a blanket already made for her.

  5. Hello Prusa's, what glorious blessings have come upon your family. I pray that they may continue, and that your sweet angel will be coming home with you soon. She is so beautiful. Anna, I wish you a speedy recovery!
    Love, Kelly

  6. Hi Anna,
    You are all in my heart and prayers!!! I've been thinking about you a lot this week! Every time I focus on EV, I get chills, which is G-d talking to me. There is something VERY special about her! I love how her name and Lizzy's fit together and how her initials are her name, too. With love...


  8. I've had 4 preemies hun. One was born at 34 1/2 weeks, another at 29 1/2 weeks, then a 28 1/2 weeker and finally a 29 1/2 weeker.... I definately can give you a few pointers when it come to the preemies, their developments and trying to breastfeed a preemie.... Good luck, she looks like a very strong and determined little girl.

  9. What a beautiful and tiny little thing! May God bless a speedy recovery for you both.