Monday, February 28, 2011

Evie girl, part 3

Check out Sweetie Evie giving away some snuggles... she is doing so well!  This past Thursday, she was 2 weeks old! The only tube that remains is a feeding tube, but she eats SO well on her own... her Daddy even got to give her a bottle this weekend :)  But that's not the only good news going around-- Evie may be able to come home THIS Wednesday. Pray pray pray!  Anna and Robert can't wait to have her home, but obviously don't want to rush things- pray for wisdom and for this super strong girl to take these next 48 hours to triple quadruple her strength!

Big sister Lizzy LOVES Evie- she is so protective of her toys and stuff- she won't let my Max near it :)  She talks about Evie and sends her videos and looks at her pictures all the time... they're bonding without even meeting!

The "average" day for the Prusas includes taking Lizzy to the sitter, Robert working, and Anna driving an hour to the hospital to hang out with Evie, then an hour back home, to get Lizzy before the sitter closes up shop.  Then they spend their evenings with Lizzy and sleep-- and repeat it all the next day.  At this point, Anna is pumping regularly too, in order to feed Evie... which still includes middle of the night "feedings" even through the baby isn't home with them right now. This is all very tiresome, as you can imagine.

Lastly, at this point, there is no way to tell if there are any side effects to being born so early- a learning disability could possibly be a reality as Evie was so anemic when she was born, among other things.  BUT God is the Healer- He can do anything, fix anything, and grow Evie into the most beautiful, most healthy, most intelligent girl you've ever known!  Pray over her!

Overall, while life is hectic, there is still so much to be grateful for- for all of us who have gotten to walk through this with the Prusas- we've gotten to see God's healing hand and His wisdom, we've gotten to see many prayers answered and a tiny baby grow and blossom much quicker than anticipated- continue to praise Him!

Needless to say, they still need our prayers and if you're close by and willing and able, meals are very appreciated at well!  Here is a link to sign up:

**UPDATE: As of yesterday (Sunday), Evie does NOT have a feeding tube- she takes a bottle for EVERY MEAL!!!  HUGE news :)

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