Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Jack

On Friday, we found out that we're having another boy!  So the Bowman family tradition continues... boys only :)  But if you're one of the very few females that married into this crowd, it actually works very well for you-- just ask me, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law... we tend to get what we want quite often!  Anyway, our newest addition is Jack Henry Bowman and he will be coming to us in June-- and we absolutely canNOT wait to meet him.

When I was pregnant with Max and went for the ultrasound, I was initially disappointed that he was a he-- the disappointment lasted like .08436 seconds, then he started waving on the screen and I started falling in LOVE with him!  I think I wanted a girl really bad because Anna was pregnant with Elizabeth Grace, so she needed a girlfriend... but God had other plans- which has turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to our family.  So this time, when I went for my ultrasound, I just knew it was win/win.  A girl would be different and unexpected and fun and a boy would be a boy-- Max's friend, another mommy's boy, a little tyke to wear all the cute clothes, Daddy's little man-- ahhh, perfection!

The ultra sound techs always do the gender check last, so she was going through her measurements, talking about how strong his heart was, showing us all his features and measuring his bones-- and in about 35 different pictures I could see "it" and knew that Jack was indeed Jack way before she confirmed it. It was cracking me up!  Then he did some tricks too-- he kept touching his toes to his forehead, showing us his moves... maybe he'll be into shaking his groove thing like Gabe!

Many of you have asked about Gabe's reaction, considering how much he wanted a sister- and honestly, he was disappointed and keeps pointing out that he'd rather it be a girl, but he's already excited and tells people about his next baby brother.  Plus, him and Max get along so well and play so well together, that if we had a girl, and she came out all high maintenance and such, he'd want to trade her in anyway :)  Not to mention that rarely in life does Gabe NOT get what he wants, so all these little brothers are probably really good for him. We'll be having adventures and bugs and dirt for years to come-- and since Gabe was 3, I've been finding his precious rocks and sticks in my purse, so by having Jack, I've insured that this will happen for at least another decade- and who wouldn't want that???

Lastly, Jack's name-- his first name, we just like it :)  As you can see from our trend, we like the short, sweet manly names that are cute little ones, but strong for adulthood-- Gabe, Max, and now Jack- but all 3 boys have special middle names.  Gabe is Gabriel Todd-- Todd after Chad's middle brother who was killed in a car accident before any of us got a chance to meet- but after hearing stories about him, he seemed to be the biggest heart around! (Seeing that I didn't even know that Chad existed when Gabe was born, I obviously had nothing to do with his name, but I LOVE it!)  Max is Max Ryan-- Ryan after Chad... Chad is Chad Ryan.  Obviously it's a honor to be named after your own father. And now Jack will be named after my Papaw who is John Henry. My Papaw needs a post of his own to even begin to encompass the man he is, but with a namesake like my Papaw, I'm just sure that Jack will be precious and sincere and loving and full of integrity.  (We initially thought about naming Jack after my dad, but we only had to say Jack Daniel once to realize that a name like that was probably setting him up for failure and a lifetime of alcoholism!  But it still makes us chuckle, nonetheless!)

We're blessed by Gabriel Todd, Max Ryan, and Jack Henry.  So glad you all got to meet Jack... 19 weeks, give or take a few days, until we meet face to face!  Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow!

(Please note, I have decided to implement wrestling mats and padded walls into future home decor.)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the Bowmans! Lauren, I can't wait to meet Jack this summer! Keep me posted on nursery colors and theme.