Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Roll

I finally added a blogroll to the right hand side of my blog-- if you go to my actual website: and look in the column on the right, my favorite blog links are listed down the side.


1) If you read my blog, but I don't ready yours, please comment with your blog site so I can follow you too :)  I love reading blogs!

2) If you know of other awesome blogs that I'm not following- even if they're not yours, then please comment with the site so I can stalk, I mean follow, those too!

3) If you love blogs like I do, then let me encourage you to get google reader or some other site like it- it pours all the blogs you read into one place, every time someone posts something new.  You can even get an app to read them on your phone-- anytime I arrive somewhere early or have a few minutes to kill in my car, that's what I'm doing :)

Happy Blog Reading!

1 comment:

  1. This one is a MUST! I've sharedd it with you before but thought I'd reshare in case others are interested. It's awesome. She's a friend of a girl I went to highschool with and has an amazing story and incredible faith. Good stuff.