Thursday, February 17, 2011


Just a quick update-- this time last week, the chaos was beginning... Anna was finding out that it was time for an emergency C-section-- hearts were racing, fear was building-- this wasn't what anyone was expecting or wanting for baby Evie.  Speaking for myself, I was scared for her life- scared of the condition of her heart and lungs- scared for my sweet friends who were going to live through this, whether they wanted it or not.  All I could think about were the hours and days ahead.

But here we are a week later, just one short week, and look at this little beauty:

Very few wires and tubes are in and around her body, and she lays there sleeping like a little Angel as her mother visits.  A few more weeks of NICU care and development for her little premie body, and she'll be coming home!  Glory to God, forever!

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