Monday, February 14, 2011

L is for the way you look at me...

Maybe I'm still 7 years old at heart, but I really love Valentine's Day and little cards and candy.  And the thing about having lots of boys in my house is that I have lots of Valentines :)  I have had my gift wrapped in heart paper, tied with candy, and adorned with a valentine card for a week now... and tonight is the night!

We're not having a particularly fancy dinner and there's not much romance planned, but you've got to see these sweet faces that I'm spending the night with... but please note that they are MINE!  The first two are taken until they're at least 30-- at that time, I'll let you know if you may compete for their hearts... and the last one, well, he's off the market for life.  Sorry to bust your bubble.  There will be hamburgers and mac n' cheese and broccoli (Gabe's request, seriously!), birthday cake, and maybe even a family game after bath time.  It's not exactly what Hallmark was going for when they created this day, but let's be honest-- isn't this what life's really about??

Gabe- our birthday boy :)  He turns 8 today, making him a real life Valentine!

Max- my best baby... at least for 17.5 more weeks :)  He makes my heart pitter patter 24/7!

Chad- my one and only someone, my Valentine til the Lord takes us home!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all-- hope it full of love and a reminder of the blessings the Lord has surrounded you with- whether you have a special someone or not, God loves you immeasurably more than you can ever imagine-- you were worth His son's life!

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