Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day... Full of Love

Valentine's Day was Gabe's 9th birthday, but we didn't get to see him so we actually semi-celebrated the little love holiday instead. Max is old enough to understand that it is a holiday and so we did some special things...

We started off the day at Krispy Kreme in order to get heart donuts with pink and red sprinkles- my boy loves a good donut, much like his mama, so this was a HUGE deal for him... we showed up only to have some woman in front of us get the last 10 heart donuts-- did she not notice us right behind her with my cute little 2 year old and Anna and her cute Lizzy? Apparently not. So we have to settle for some hot glazed and some chocolate iced. It wasn't really a bust in the kids' opinion but I wasn't impressed by this, and neither was Anna. Anna almost opened up a can, but then I think the Holy Spirit must've whispered to her or something because the next second she was as cool and kind as a cucumber.

Of course, we did get some cute pictures though :)

But this was my favorite... for one minute, I turned to talk to Anna and looked back to find this....

Max had taken a bite out of each chocolate frosted donut-- but don't worry, he said they were all "wheally yummy!"

Next, we took Lizzy with us while Anna took Evie to her 1 year check up. Me and the kiddies went to Catch Air and met Danielle and Reed there-- we had a really good time and got them all tuckered out for nap time. I even crawled around on all the slides with the kids... like I normally do because I think it's really fun and maybe I'm still 4 on the inside?! Hopefully it gave my pregnant friend Danielle a little break too- although she's not one to just sit around and take a load off. We even ate lunch there and then rushed home in time for nap... ahhhh, I love those kinds of days-- full of fun and good things for the kids, followed by good naps and a house-wise silence-- oh how my ears long for such silence bliss nowadays!

(And even though Reed isn't pictured, he was there and he was adorable, but every time I pointed my camera at him, he ran away laughing and saying "no no no no!")

Later that night, Chad brought home take out from Ipp's-- our current favorite restaurant, and we put the boys to bed and sat on the couch watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix-- our current favorite pastime and I couldn't help but think.... wow, times have changed :) But for the better, that is for sure! Happy Valentine's Day!

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