Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jet-Setting and Trend-Setting...

Me and my baby boys are quite the trend setters... maybe not when it comes to my yoga pants, the Target brand diapers, or their coordinating Gymboree outfits, but definitely when it comes to our travels. Just last week, we traveled up to Indianapolis and now this week, everyone else is doing it too. (No, it has nothing to do with the Superbowl, that's just a coincidence....)

Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but we did indeed head to Indy last week for our winter break escape. My mom stumbled upon a steal of a deal on airline tickets in the fall and booked me and Max and Jack round trip tickets for January. Because of my dad's new job, he was only around for about 20 hours of our week long stay, but we sure did enjoy our Annie all week long!

The boys were absolutely delightful on the flight both ways, (including the most adorable sight even when Max wheeled his "Yion" suitcase through the airport by himself!) despite their colds, and our sleep boot camp/ breaking the swaddle/ operation end paci seems to have passed the ultimate test: the out of town trip. There were no shenanigans or set backs and really, it just made me more grateful that raising these boys is my full-time job. I'll be the first to tell you that it's an extremely tough job, sometimes more thankless than I'd like to admit, but I just couldn't be more content or exactly where God wants me if I tried!

My mom planned fun things to do each day and took the whole week off from work-- we shopped and shopped.. mainly for baby J who has outgrown all of Max's clothes, but also for Max because we just can't help ourselves. We went to the Children's Museum-- one of the things Indianapolis does better than anyone else, and Max really enjoyed the trains this time. My brother Sam, took Max to Chuck E Cheese-- Max is now hooked on the place and recognizes the logo anytime we pass by. We went to the cupcake store, visited my Grandparents, ate with my brother a lot, played at Monkey Joes and ran all around town. I seriously read two full books from cover to cover and came to appreciate my mom and her love for my kids even more than I did before!

Also while we were there, I managed to knock baby Jack's head on the car door when I was trying to get him out. It was his first visible injury-- like left a big goose egg on the poor bald head. I felt so bad about it that I had to confess to his father and send a picture. Chad responded: "not good". I felt a lot better after that.... NOT!

After the week, we returned home rejuvenated, fat, with a suitcase full of clean clothes and happy, while we left Annie with a messy house, a lack of sleep, a cold, and an empty bank account. I guess you could say we got the good end of that deal :)

(While we were gone, Chad didn't really get a chance to enjoy the silence... he got to spend his time on jury duty, and he also managed to paint the inside of our house, with the accent wall I wanted, including my kitchen cabinets. Really, this whole week was a win/win situation for me!)

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