Friday, February 17, 2012

Max-isms, part 4746

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, Max is quite the pottying fool... he keeps his undies dry and clean with ease, he tells Mommy when he has to potty like he's a pro, and (unfortunately) he's even discovered that the phrase "i have to go potty" gets him out of bed without getting him into trouble. But I have found myself in the bathroom much more than before and we've have some incidents....

In Max's excitement to learn to get up on the potty himself using a stool (really, every house should have at least one short potty) he rushed into the bathroom, upon stripping down, and climbed up, while trying to turn forward and managed to lose his balance sending him arm first into the potty. He pulls himself upright, with potty water and drips all over his face and front and looks at me and says "what'd I do?"

Another day, while taking care of his business (business #2) he was playing with his beloved cow watch.... and then the "cow yatch" fell into the potty WHILE he simultaneously "dropped" something else into the potty if you know what I mean... the poor cow watch was surrounded and he looked at me, horrified.

As any wise, calm Mommy would do, I looked right back at him, horrified as well and began to search my brain for how to handle such a situation-- but this wasn't in the manual. I tweeted for help, very sad that Chad wasn't home to handle this one, and then I did that only thing I could- I plucked it out and dropped in straight into the trash while possibly lying to Max that the water had borked his beloved yatch and it must be thrown away. I have no idea if it was actually working or not, but I was too grossed out to find out. So now, the poor kid is in need of a new watch-- and I'm in need of some rubber gloves to keep in the bathroom, just in case.

These days, Max is full of antics, whether he's in the bathroom or not-- one of his favorite being the "avoid a nap at all costs" scenario. Even though he currently shares a room with Jack, I lay him down in one of the other rooms for naps so that they will both sleep instead of keep each other (and me) awake. So Max routinely lifts the blinds and peers out the windows for a while, before proceeding to sock removal and tossing (usually behind the bed, so I have to crawl and stretch and huff and puff to get them back), and then culminates the process with some bed jumping-- which usually leads to enough noise that I go in to interrupt and punish him, making him cry, which then gets him to sleep in about 60 seconds.  Well the other day, Chad was home and was available for the intervening/ punishing part, which was great for me. He opened the bedroom door and started laughing and told me I had to come see this--

Yep- he had tossed his buggle up on the fan and was jumping to reach it. We all laughed too hard to punish him for this-- and I'm pretty sure he never napped that day. Smart kid.

Max has also grown accustomed to going to the gym with me, and watching Eli go to and from the gym, and apparently knows how our clothes and our outfits coordinate-- when I put tall socks on him, he tells me they are his running socks, and then the other day, he put on one of my headbands early in the morning and told me "I going to the gym and go for a run". He has also told me that he's "getting his big muscles" and points to the part of the gym where I go and said "look at those mommies getting a good workout."

Then on Sunday, I heard Max banging around in the kitchen and then in the refrigerator. This is NOT normal for him- he's really not the kind of kid who gets into things. So I waited for a minute to see if he came and revealed himself-- it wasn't 10 seconds before he walked around the corner like this:

That's Eli's water bottle that he keeps in the fridge for his gym visits and when he goes to coach swimming- it's either full and chilling in the fridge or with him. So I asked Max, "whose is that?" And he tells me that it's E-yi's. So naturally I asked him why he had it and he responded "I thirsty."

Well ok, thank you for taking matters into your own hands!

About 30 minutes later, I fixed his dinner and put a couple of the Reese's mini's on his plate. He gobbled them up and then asked for more of Eli's chocolate. You see, anytime Eli see that the big resealable Reese's mini bag is on sale, he buys one and keeps it in the fridge. Then he secretly feeds Max (and himself) chocolate all through anytime of the day- so in Max's brain, the only person who owned and dispersed said treat was Eli.

Max's brain is so crazy- the things he remembers, the things he puts together, and the things he infers from just the normal-ness of daily life blows me away, continually. I can't praise God enough for his brain and the entertainment He gave me through my Max. What a delight!

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