Saturday, February 25, 2012

Max's First Fish!

Chad is a fisherman. Fishing makes him happy. Fishing stores makes him happy. And the talk of fishing also makes him happy. He tells stories about waking up early to go fish with his Dad- it wasn't worth it for his older brothers to wake up early, but he loved it, so he'd pop out of bed. Everytime we visit Texas, he squeezes in a fishing trip- actually anytime he's with his Dad, he squeezes in a fishing trip! So you can imagine his joy when Max entered a fishing stage....

It started several months ago with the talk of fishing-- he'd make believe that he was catching thing. He'd stay for hours at the water table at the Children's museum playing with a plastic pole and magnetic fish. Then he began casting strands of beads of the couch to catch fish.... or Gabe :) And at Christmas, when he unwrapped a fishing pole from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Jeff, it was like the boy died and went to heaven right then and there!

Chad has been hoping to take him on his first fishing extravaganza for weeks- but weather and schedule and life has gotten in the way. That is, until yesterday! Jack and I headed to lunch with the girls and so Chad saw this as the perfect opportunity to take Max on his first fishing trip, along with Gabe, who is quite a little fisherman himself... as long as a nine year old attention span can last!

It didn't take long before I got this text:

Max had caught his first fish and reeled it in! He tried to just bring the pole back, rather than actually reeling, but Chad helped. In all, he caught three on his first fishing adventure. He had so much fun and pitched a major fit when it was time to go home. Something tells me there will be more fishing trips in the immediate future....

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