Monday, February 6, 2012

Loves you Most! And Best Friends...

Max and I play this game often, but today's version was especially cute....

Me: Max, who loves you?

Max: You do!

Me: Who else?

Max: Um.... Reed!

Me: Yep, who else?

Max: Danielle

Me: Uh huh, who else?

Max: Annie.... and Izzy (Lizzy) and Anna and Daddy!

Me: You're right! But who loves you most?

Max: You do!

Me: I love you A LOT, but God loves you most!

Max: Does he like to hug me?


Me: Max, who are your friends?

Max: Haven!

Me: Yeah, who else? Tell me all of them.

Max: You are.... and Pop, and Daddy, and Reed and Lizzy.

Me: Max, who is your best friend?

Max: Eli!

Me: No, Jesus is your best friend!

Max: Yeah.... and Eli!

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