Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why God Didn't Give Max a Sister

Right before baby Jack surprised us, baby Evie came over and spent several hours with us.  It was the first time and it was love-- for both me and Max!  But it became pretty obvious VERY quickly why God decided that Max most definitely needed a baby brother this go round:

While Evie was sleeping, Max was being oh-so-generous and sharing his toys with her....

They were all balls!

And he was so proud and so sure that that was exactly what she needed- he kept telling me about it over and over: "Baby Evie, night night Max balls"

And it was then that I knew the reason for another brother in the Bowman house, rather than a sister-- a poor sister just couldn't survive in such a climate!

And this last picture is just cute:  I came around the corner from the kitchen and I saw Max and asked what he was doing-- he told me "I talking baby Evie golf- hit it in the hole!"  He was teaching the girl about golf-- doesn't she look thrilled?

Also, just for laughter, please notice how my boy does NOT use prepositions-- apparently they are a waste of time and he does quite well communicating his point without them!  Ha!  I just love him :)

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