Thursday, June 16, 2011


Kristen, from my work, graduated from UGA with a photography degree, and takes pictures of little cuties on the side.  This makes me very happy because I happen to have some cuties... so she came over on Jack's 2 week old day and took pictures of him and Max.

(Gabe was with his mom and missed the photo shoot. BOO!)

They are PRECIOUS!!  I've picked out just a few, as to not seem obsessed, but just know that I am :)

 (Cute picture... but missing Gabe and including way too much of my baby weight fat face!)

Max's facial expressions are just killing me... love that darn face!  (And yes, in certain pictures, he was bribed with candy...)

And Jack is sweet as sugar, yum!

** Kristen is local, so if you're interested in having her take some pictures of your people, let me know, and I'll connect you with her!)

(KMabes Photography:

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  1. Lauren thank you!!! You're so sweet! I had so much fun taking pictures with you and the boys. I'm so lucky because I got to capture these cuties for my portfolio!:)