Monday, June 6, 2011


Do you have weird things you think or do that really make no sense at all?  I have a few I need to confess BUT I want to hear yours too...

#1.  I love how Mickey Mouse and friends dance at the end of Mickey Mouse Club House-- they seriously sing a song called "Hot Dog" and I wait the entire episode for those 30 seconds... when people aren't looking, I practice dancing with them....

#2.  I think one of my feet is prettier than the other, so if I feel like people are looking at my feet or if attention is being draw to my feet, I put the "pretty" one on top of the other, nonchalantly.

#3.  I recently learned from The Bert Show that I'm old and it was a hard pill to swallow :(  On National Donut Day- the only day since having a baby that I was in the car during Bert Show hours- Jeff Dauler was talking about what age is appropriate for wearing words across your rear end-- you know, like the word "pink" etc... and he said that it's only appropriate between the ages of 18-28. Anyway, I don't EVER wear anything that draws attention to that area, especially NOT words so it's not like that bothered it- but it was realizing that I'm almost done being in the "cool, hot, young" age bracket.  Just yesterday I was in college, right?

#4. When I was a child, my  mother used to split our napkins in half-- she says we didn't use them so it was a waste to give us a whole one, but I think she was just pinching pennies.  Regardless, it scarred me! As soon as I began buying  my own napkins, I swore I would only buy the expensive, think, luscious Vanity Fair white napkins.  For years, they are the only napkins that have been allowed in my kitchen- and they still make me happy.  Seriously.  Well about 6 months ago, I was at Target and we needed napkins, but I had left my good Vanity Fair coupon at home... so just one time, I bought the "off" target brand, with a bright colored pattern, thin and scratchy.  I bought the small package, and yet, they lasted FOREVER- the darn things wouldn't go away- I swear they were reproducing!  I began putting 2 in Gabe's lunch box, just to rid myself of them, but they still stayed around forever.  I WILL NEVER give into the temptation to be cheap again!  It haunted me for far too long.

#5. With both boys, I have kept the positive pregnancy test for the duration of my pregnancy.  Just in case I have to prove it- because that makes sense, right? Like in a basket on my dresser that other people can see if they walk in my room. And for some reason, I can only bring myself to throw it away once I've brought the baby home.  Because then it's a sure thing?! BUT since Jack came home early, I haven't thrown it away yet.  I think I'm waiting until June 23rd.

What unexplainable things do you do or think?  Please share!

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