Monday, June 20, 2011

Max is 22 months old... and going on 22 years old!

Yesterday, Max was 22 months old.  But we were busy celebrating Father's Day, so I moved his month-day to today!  Max is full of life and laughter and naughties too!  He has one giant opinion too-- but being the laid back, go with the flow person that I am, I just can't imagine where he got that....................

Anyway, his favorite word is no, and he likes to scrunch up his face for extra emphasis.  He notices everything and my friend Danielle put it well when she described his talking style at a life- narrator.  He is constantly telling me what he sees, what's going on, who is doing it, what it sounded like, and any thing else that he can observe.  Most of his comments are really funny too- for instance, he's always spotting mudderfags (Butterflies) and Chip-punks (chipmunks).  Oh his little brain is amazing.

Max is very much into "testing" too-- testing me and testing his daddy to see if we really mean that he needs to obey. He thinks that when we count to three, and then start coming towards him, that he can obey then and avoid trouble.  But the little guy has another thing coming!

Max's loves in life are ice cream, golf, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Pop.  He is constantly talking about one of those.  And he eats his ice cream on the couch- just ask him. This month, he visited the driving range for the first time with his daddy, and was the star-- the crowds gathered to watch him in action.  My Dad and Chad are hoping he's ready to ride with them for 9 holes later this summer- and with his attention span for the U.S. Open this past weekend, I'm thinking he'll love it!

Due to maternity leave, I get to spend all my awake hours with Max (and Jack) and I just love it.  Max makes the days so fun. Granted, they're usually full of sweat and dirt- on both of us, and leave me very worn out at the end of that day, but still, there is nothing else I'd rather do!

18 month clothes are on their last leg, and 24 months are just right!  His feet have grown again and size 4 shoes are done for- he is in 5's and close to moving up again!  This makes me laugh because he wore his size 3's for a LONG time.  I'm anxious for his 2 year appointment to hear his stats, but dreading it all at the same time-- because a two year old is SO much bigger than a one year old! (BTW if you're one of those people like Chad who wants to say that Max is 2, he is not.  He will not be 2 until August 19th, and until then he is one.  I will also be happy to tell you his age in months- but he is not 2. Mmk?)

Max, I thought I had one more month with you before Jack arrived, I thought this would be your last month day before you became a big brother, but boy was I wrong! It was hard for both of us- I didn't get to "prep" you for what was coming, where mommy was going, and what she was coming home with.  We didn't make the full switch to the big boy bed as planned, and we didn't even attempt potty training BUT adding Jack has been wonderful!  When I left for the hospital, you were my baby, but when I came home, you were my big boy!  And you like to tell everyone that that's what you are!  You adjusted within a couple days, and have been kissing your brother ever sense!  You don't love that you have to share my attention, but you don't have one ounce of aggression towards Jack.  You grew up in your talking, and walking, and mannerisms too.  You walk around with a big boy bounce in your step- and you have a swagger. It's adorable! (Although a very hard pill for me to swallow.)  It's amazing that I never run out of love for you- it just keeps growing, with you, each day.  I can't wait for the day when you sing 'Jesus Loves Me' along with me, and I'm even more excited about the day that you get what that means.  God continues to bless me with you- each day I thank him for your life and your love, and all that I'm learning by being your mommy.  Just remember, God is the perfect heavenly Father, and me and Daddy are still learning to be like Him. I love you Max, you're my best bubba!

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