Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reflux Schmeflux!

Ok, so I think Jack might have reflux.  Not in a crying sort of way, but in a spit up a whole lot after every feeding and major grunting and squirming and red facing scrunching, too.  Considering the fact that there are no tears involved, this isn't "horrible" for me- BUT it makes me sad to think he's in pain and unable to keep down all his food.

So I started reading... googling... and that never leads anywhere good.  Don't get me wrong- I learned a lot, and I'm working on a plan BUT I was so overwhelmed when I was done. I tried to lament over it with Chad, but he didn't get it.  The idea of it all made me anxious, fretful, and tired!  You see, after each feeding, I try to hold Jack upright for at least 30 minutes- but he still spits up.  This makes for a really long night- every night, and of course, he's so new and fresh out of the oven, that there is no end in sight for any of this- and that's withOUT implementing everything I read... ay yi yi!

Then I read this blog post:

It's all about how fleeting life is- and her point has NOTHING to do with my baby's reflux- it's all about our time here on earth, but God used this little nugget in my blog reader to speak to my heart- this time with Jack, this reflux and spitting up and short sleeps for this mama are fleeting-- before I know it, he's going to be chattering my ear off like his little brother, asking for ice cream and cookies instead of his veggies.  His days of nursing and burping and covering me in regurgitated slime will be a distant memory.

SO, I can do this.  So what if I have piles in my kitchen and the laundry doesn't stay caught up. So what if I spend more time on the couch holding a baby upright and getting WAY less done around the house.  So what if it takes me many days of planning to actually run my errands.  It's just a teeny tiny phase.  I can SO do this!

So after some reading, here is my plan:

1) Just feed Jack on one side per feeding- it's supposed to cut down on how much air they get by cutting down on how much fore milk they get and increasing their hind milk

2) Stop pumping-- after the hospital and the crazy lactation specialist (details on this later) I came home withe WAY too much milk and had to pump like crazy just to be comfortable!  My milk supply has gone down some, but I still make extra and I was using this as an opportunity to store up lots of extra BUT after reading today, I learned that pumping creates an oversupply (duh) which causes a really strong let down, making baby Jack have to gulp to keep up, giving him too much air, which causes him pain.  Holy string of cause and effects!

3) Adjust my diet, drastically-- I'm still reading all of this and researching before making my final plan- but basically I should drink water and eat rice. Awesome.

4) Hold Jack upright, his spine completely straight, NO folding of his body at all because it puts pressure on his tummy, for at least 30 minutes.  (And I'm praying that I see this as a way to serve him and show him the selfless love of Jesus that's in my heart-- I know he'll never remember this, but he can begin to feel my love for him, and I want to love him like Jesus does.  This won't always be easy, especially in the middle of the night, hence the praying!)

5) Since Jack is 3 weeks old now, I'm going to start giving him one bottle a day during the next week or so, setting us all up for success when I'm not around- but we'll only use Dr. Brown bottles this go 'round... the best ones for reflux.

6) Jack now sleeps in a Nap Nanny through the night and for some naps during the day. (I really wish these came in adult sizes!) The positioning is supposed to really help with reflux and he hates sleeping flat on his back, so this killed two birds with one stone :)

SO now I want to hear from you-- any other tips?  Anything that works or helps or alleviates pain and discomfort for my baby man? I'm not interested in medicine at this time- hoping to treat it naturally- but would love to hear anything you've got!

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  1. I suggest you avoiding dairy products to see if that helps his tummy. I know, that's HARD! I hope you figure out the cause soon.