Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcoming 2011

We started 2011 with a bang: DONUTS!  As you may know, I have a slight obsession with donuts, they are only my very favorite food in the entire world.  I think my favorite are from a bakery in Bandera, TX by Chad's parents-- they are just delicious.

Anyway, after a late night out (something a pregnant woman should never do: stay up past 9pm) we made it home about 1am.  Max went right back to sleep and so did we.  But about 8am, a certain little man was waking up-- bad news for us!  But the little angel came into our bed and snuggled until 9am, then watched Sesame Street rather quietly for another hour.  Seriously!  I got up at 10am on my own accord... mainly because a certain other baby (the apple in my tummy) was causing me so major hunger pangs!

So off to the kitchen I went to try out my brand new DONUT MAKER!!!  I made the basic recipe and coated them in a chocolate glaze.  It was surprisingly easy and yummy!  Chad came into the kitchen as I was finishing up the preparations and took a look around-- then he said "You are the messiest cook in the world".  And before "the look" could even be fully formed and given to him, he followed up with "but you're the best cook in the world".  Smart man :)

And I'm not the only one who loves donuts... I have passed that magical trait onto my son.  Max can spot them from a mile away, much like his mother... his nose tells him when they're in the vicinity... his eyes grow, as does his smile, and he tracks down the nearest one and inserts it into his mouth very efficiently!

I tried to give him some turkey sausage for protein and some fruit as well, but he only wanted the donuts-- He's a beacon of health!  And it wasn't long before he discovered that these mini homemade donuts made great jewelry:

I'm still cleaning chocolate out from under his finger nails :)  Happy 2011!

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