Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day! (Or two...)

Yes, we live in Georgia, yet, this is already our 3rd experience with snow/ ice-- crazy!!  My grandma who lives in Indiana keeps calling to get the scoop because this really cracks her up.  Then she made a joke about global warming- funny woman.

Anyway, on Sunday night, the good Lord dumped a bushel of beautiful snow on top of our house.  Chad and I were watching a movie and all of a sudden there were bright lights shining in the windows. I went to open one and it was because there were INCHES of snow.  This NEVER happens in GA!  We got about 5 inches before it started to sleet/ freezing rain, which made a thick coating on top of the snow.

We took Max outside to play, not certain how he would feel about it.  He had on long john's, 3 pairs of socks, big shoes so his fat socked feet would fit, 2 hats, a thermal and a sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pants- then his coat.  (Obviously, we don't have really snow clothes for the child-- we live in GA for Pete's sake!) Needless to say, he was the walking Michelin man baby and it would make him fall and when he fell, he would get stuck.  But despite falling, it didn't soak thru the layers so he never got cold.


Both entrances to our neighborhood are big hills- so we couldn't get out of our place if we wanted to.  (Please make note that I am NOT brave at all when it comes to ice and losing control and I could not be paid to get in the car and "hope" we make it somewhere without landing in a ditch or in a wall or stuck for hours behind a jack-knifed truck.)  BUT we did load Max in his stroller and walk up to the main road.  There were no tire marks down our whole road, and only one set on the big highway in the front of our neighborhood.  Crazy!  And we found out from the news that many of the roads near our house were closed.

Seeing at thought I've lived in the south my whole life, I had NO idea how difficult it was to walk in thick/ deep snow.  I was so out of breath from walking up the hill that you would've thought I had gone for a swift jog.  Chad was tired too, but he was pushing Max.  The only excuse I had is that my pants were too tight and restricted how much oxygen I could get! On the way home (downhill) Chad just held the stroller and skied downhill. I was a nervous Nellie and begged him to put the stroller rope on his arm, but apparently that's not manly.

If any of you know Chad, then you know that the man doesn't hold still.  He always is working on something or playing with something, so by late afternoon on Day 1, he was going nuts!  But obviously there was no driving to be done.  So he went exploring.  First he was to a gas station up the road, made friends with the manager, and discussed the BCS championship.  Then he came home to report his findings.  There were cars trying to get out of our neighborhood spinning out, one girl ended up in a ditch... not good!  Then he walked back up to the main road and went to Ingles.  He got me some Cherry Coke- I was majorly craving it, and popcorn for the both of us for game time snacks.  He made it home just in time for dinner :)

Some important things to note:  if we're going to continue with this kind of winter, I need maternity snow pants-- I squirshed our baby!  Also, Max will need appropriate clothing as well!  Secondly, being snowed in makes Chad and I eat, and eat, and eat.  We had 4 cups of hot apple tea (yum) biscuits and gravy, pb & j with chips and dip, pizza and brownies, and popcorn during the game.  Third, I didn't enter this storm with enough cookie dough on hand- fail!  And lastly, a real snowy snowday in the  south east, on the same day as the BSC championship, that Auburn wins, is proof that God loves the SEC :)

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  1. I was WAITING for snow pictures from you! It's beautiful up here in Freehome too!