Friday, January 7, 2011

My Punky Monkey

My Max is so full of himself.  And he's started doing this fake, adorable, smile-- from ear to ear with squinty eyes and sound effects, including fake laughing.  It says, "I'm cute and I know it, and my Boggy (me) is so wrapped around my finger!"  Well for several months, I have been able to ask Max for a hug or a kiss and he will stop what he's doing and walk over and grant my request.  Without fail, he is never too busy for his mother.  Oh, be still my heart!

That was, until this week.

Now, I ask for a hug and he does the aforementioned smile, while RUNNING AWAY, and and shaking his head no.  He thinks he is so funny-- he just cracks himself up.  Even if I pretend I am sad, he will not give in-- he gets that from Pops, my Dad-- stubborn as an ole Noblitt!  He'll go sit on the bottom step, lean back, and continue shaking his head no.... and just a giggling away.  So now when I chase him, instead of saying "I'm gonna get you"-- I say "I'm gonna kiss you!"  and I whisper it very softly and it makes him so nervous that he runs into my arms and gets his faced kissed right off!

Also, for a long while, I have asked him, "Max, where's my baby?" And he'd point to himself and grin.  I also ask, "Where's my Max?" and "Where's my best bubba?" and he'll look down at himself, point, and grin.  It was like he knew he was a lucky man to be mine.

Until this morning.

Every time I asked him one of my questions, he would point to me, or the tv, or a framed pictures.  One time, he even looked around the room, like he was trying to find something "good".  So then I said where's my punky monkey?  (Punky monkey is the kid version of punk) AND instantly, Max pointed to himself and then grinned ear to ear.

He's proud to be a punky monkey!  And at least for now, it's rather funny and rather cute!

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  1. Max is such a cutie-patootie! Like his big brother, though Gabe probably would not appreciate being called that. After all, he'll be 8 soon! Anyway, Lauren and Chad you have two priceless children!