Friday, December 31, 2010

The Top Posts From 2010- Year End Review

This year has  been a great year for the Bowmans, full of adventures, mini-vans, and the news of another baby!  We are expectantly waiting for 2011 and all the things God is going to do in us, through us, and around us.  But for now, some of the years top posts....

Biggest Announcement of the Year: Read My Shirt!

Best Max story of 2010: Captain Adorable

Biggest Reaction from Readers:  Oh no, HE didn't!

Most Reads: A Day to Remember

Hardest Thing to Swallow: Changing My Theme Song

Best Chad story of 2010: The Super Sleuth and The Case of The Beep Beep

Top Funny Moment: The Hamburger

Grossest Story of 2010: TMI: The Poop Edition

The Closest Look at My Inner Psyche (Psycho): Reading Between The Lines

Worst Parenting of 2010: My Bud Light Dilemma

Best Revelation of 2010: What LIfe Would've Been Like

The only time I was wrong this year: This Really Just Happened

Best Gabe Story of 2010: Goodnight Love Girl

The Post I still get asked about: TRUE LIFE: Chad listens to Mariah Carey Christmas Year 'Round

First Blog Post Ever!: Top 10 Things I've learned since Aug 19th, 2009

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