Monday, December 27, 2010

Mr. Max, 16 months old!

On Max's 16th Month day (December 19th, 2010) we were in Texas, celebrating Chad's grandmother's 90th birthday!!  While we were the we also had Christmas and caught with up the Bowman clan.  But in the midst of everything, I missed the Max-man's day, and didn't get to blog about milestones, so let's pretend like this is a week ago:

Max, you are 16 months old-- and you think that qualifies you as an ad ult!  You walk (run) around like a man with a plan-- everything you do includes a butball (football) and you're really starting to put words together.  You repeat a lot of things- especially when we're reading books, and on your own, you've begun calling stuff what it is-- your snuggle is no longer a snuggle, now it is a buggle :)  And in order to go night night, you must have your buggle and a bassy.  Have you noticed the trend?  You love the B-sound-- so everything starts with a B!!  Butball, buggle, bassy, even Mommy starts with a B-- and has g's in the middle?! Boggy!  But with those eyes and those cheeks, I'll answer to anything!  And you call yourself "Baxks".  When I ask where's Mommy's baby, you point to yourself and say "Baxks!"Words that actually start with a B are clear as day- and your favorites are ball, bus, baby, and book.  This is a really fun stage- I just love it.

You still wear 18 months clothes, size 4 diapers, and size 4-5 shoes.  (I gave you my baby feet, sorry about that!)  You still sleep about 11 hours at night and take 2 two- hour naps during the day.  If our schedule is off and you only get one nap, then you'll take a 3 hour nap.  You have stopped crying when Maggie and Courtney show up in the morning which makes us all very happy.  You are still eating very well, although you must have a "dip" for veggies-- whether it's ketchup, ranch, bbq, or some other sauce, you're not picky, but you will not eat veggies without dipping them.  And you are SO messy that I don't even know what to do!  It would be easier to hose you off after every meal, but unfortunately, it's too cold outside for that.  With your 3 meals a day, your 3 cups of milk, water and the occasional snack, you're easy as can be.  But you have quite the sweet tooth.  And again, due to your eyes and cheeks, I give in a lot.  You've eaten quite a few candy corn, M&M's, donuts, and cinnamon rolls for a child that "doesn't eat much sugar".  Ha!  I guess that only lasted for the first year...

You LOVE and I mean LOVE your Daddy-- if he's home, you want to be playing with him and if he's not home, you are calling for him. And when you hear the garage open, you start bouncing.  You two wrestle ALL the time and play butball all the time as well. You like for us both to chase you but when we get close you turn around and run towards us, because you can't stand the angst and the excitement.  It's hilarious.  I need to get this on video.

You have recently begun asserting your opinion- whether that requires violently shaking your head "no", thrashing yourself about, or throwing a temper tantrum.  My personal favorite is when you gently lay down on your tummy, place your head on your hands and mope.  It's the "mature" temper tantrum. And have I mentioned that the word "no" breaks your heart?  You despise hearing it, you want nothing to do with it, and you cry like you're hurt after hearing it.  Seriously.  And when I tell my parents, Annie and Pop, stories like this, they just laugh and say it's pay back.  Apparently you're not only my mini-me physically, but emotionally, too.  Poor Daddy!!

You still love running errands with me, and anytime you're hurt or tired, you want me to hold you.  You throw your head back and your arms straight up, as if it's your silent way to beckon me.  If I don't respond quick enough, you'll add sound.  We're buddies, me and you.  You think I'm funny and I think you're funny, and I think you're the best, and you think I am too. You're old enough to cuddle with me now, and sit with me for brief periods of tv watching.  You let me rock you to sleep sometimes, and you still calm completely when I pray with you at night.  I tell you all the time that you're my best baby, and you know what?  You are!  I just love you and love you and love you.

I just want to remind you that my love for you will never run out.  Try as you may, I'll still have more.  That's just the way it is.  God made me that way-- because He made me in His own image.  Which means He loves you like that too- He loves both of us like that- except He does it perfectly.  There is nothing you could do, nothing, that will make Him love you anymore or any less.  You're just stuck with both of us-- God being God, perfect and heavenly and forgiving, loving you like crazy, and me being your Mom, trying to be more like God, so filled with love for you that my heart could just pop!

Happy 16 months my Max!


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