Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Well at least I'm blogging about this while it's still 2010!  Christmas this year was great.  First of all, it included snow, like on the ground, visible, several inches, in GEORGIA!  The first white Christmas in a hundred and something years, seriously. But I didn't take any pictures-- I'm good like that.

Secondly, I started off the festivities a little behind the eight ball-- we got in town from TX and got settled in our beds by midnight, and I had to be at work 7 short hours later.  I got 2 solid work days in, some major house cleaning (thanks for the help, Chad!), a food menu planned, groceries bought, and finally, all the packages got ribbon, just hours before Christmas eve struck... but I did get done!  (I also didn't get my Christmas cards in the mail until DECEMBER 23rd-- this is so un-Lauren that there aren't words.... I'm the person who has them planned by September, addressed by October, and mailed the day of Thanksgiving...)

My parents and youngest brother, Eli, arrived on Thursday.  They mainly came to see Max, but did talk to me some.  On Christmas Eve, we visited with my Dad's parents and went to our Christmas Eve service at church before scouring the county for dinner... only to be left with frozen pizza... that I burned!

We woke up Saturday for Christmas... Max was the last one awake and I'm assuming this is the last year that will happen until his age ends in "teen".  And we unwrapped presents-- you would've thoughts that we had 34857 people at our house- but no, we just have 2 very loved (spoiled) little boys.  The first two presents that Max opened were such a hit (a new toothbrush and a new football) that we could've stopped there, but he was so much fun! He unwrapped stuff, and got excited, and even went into toy over load! After presents, we had Christmas brunch, and then it was my nap time :)  By this time, it was snowing-- it was perfect napping weather.  And then, late afternoon, we headed up to Dawsonville to celebrate with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  And due to the safety of the swagger wagon, we made it back home in the midst of the Georgia blizzard.

But Sunday, I was exhausted-- less from the Christmas weekend and more from all the events/ work leading up to it!  But after a 3 hour nap, I turned into scrooge and took down all the Christmas decor-- I HAD to in order to make room for all the new toys clogging up our paths!  We even had to re-arrange furniture and create a "playroom".  But it works :)

And Chad and I got each other/ ourselves a great gift-- finally, a big screen/ flat whatever, HD 42 inch BUYRH 823837, blah blah TV!! Welcome to the 21st century Bowmans!!  You're only about 10 years late....

And while we were at it, we did get to celebrate the birth of a baby that changed the world and our lives forever- Christ the Lord!  Thank you God, for sending your Son!

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